by Greg Greg
snow plow

What’s your snow removal plan? If you usually grab a shovel and move snow with it, you might want to think again this year. 

Snow shoveling causes thousands of injuries each year. As many as 100 deaths also occur as a result of shoveling snow. While you might think of shoveling snow as a typical winter chore or a rite of winter passage, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Snow plowing could be better for your health! Check out these three reasons why you should hire a snow plow service to clear driveways and parking areas. 

1. It’s Fast

Shoveling snow is slow, time-consuming work. Your business can’t afford to waste time and manpower pulling employees from other tasks to clear away snow that hinders your business operations. You also don’t need to spend the money on a team of show shovelers to get you through the winter. 

If your team can’t get to work, you lose money. Hiring a snow plow service is the fastest way to clear the entry, driveway, and parking areas around your building to make it easy (and safe) for employees to get to work. 

2. Plowing Handles More Snow (Safely)

Have you ever shoveled the driveway, then turned around to see it covered with snow again? Every winter brings the possibility of a large amount of snow piling up overnight or throughout the day.

Keeping up with snow removal during a winter storm can become a futile activity. When we experience a tremendous amount of snowfall, it becomes difficult to move heavy snow out of the way to clear walkways and parking spots. It becomes too heavy to clear with a shovel—without risking injury. 

That’s not an issue when you hire a professional snow removal service. Our plows can handle large, heavy volumes of snow to keep pathways clear. As fast as it falls, we can keep up with the removal. 

3. We Work Before You Do

A professional snow plow service keeps an eye on the weather. When we know that snow is coming, we plan ahead to clear the way before you and your staff need to get to work. 

With the best professional services, you won’t arrive to work and find your parking lot covered in snow that blocks your way to productivity. We start early to clear roads and parking areas before you need them. We also work late to make sure you don’t lose time or money during snowy winter days. 

Choosing a seasonal contract means we’re always ready to get to work for you. With on-demand services, a snow removal professional can address additional needs when snowfall is unpredictable. 

Choose the Best Snow Plow Service to Clear Your Snow

The best snow plow service is the only way to never worry about accumulation getting in the way of business. DeCarlo Landscapes has 30 years of snow and ice removal experience in the New Jersey area. Contact us to learn more about our snow removal services and get a free quote!