by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

In New Jersey, finding a reliable commercial snow removal company that provides high-quality work can be a troubling task. We’ve all seen stories on the news regarding slip and falls on public property and if you’re a business owner this is one thing you hope you’ll never have to deal with. Generally, these accidents are the result of hiring a sub-par snow plow company who are more interested in making the best time, than doing a good job. 

Because we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from our new clients, we would like to provide you with the top 3 questions that you should ask any commercial snow removal company before you sign on the dotted line.

  1. Safety – We’ve heard it since childhood – “safety first!” and still today, this phrase pays off. Snow removal can be dangerous if done improperly and can lead to injury to people or damage to property. Ask if the snow contractor has appropriate liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. 
  2. Expertise – Snow removal companies should have an expert understanding of snow removal, time management, ice clearing and managing storms. This type of expertise only comes with years of experience. Ask if the snow contractor has plans for managing storms and how many years of experience they have. Go even further by asking for references! 
  3. Pricing – An accurate estimate of charges that can occur in your contract should be secured. If you have any questions on charges or rates, be sure to ask! Your commercial snow removal company should be able to discuss their rates with accuracy with you. Don’t say yes or sign anywhere without knowing the pricing first.

As always, we take pride in our commercial snow division of DeCarlo Landscaping. With 30 years of experience in the business, you know we have safety and expertise down. Contact us today for more information on our snow removal services in NJ!