by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

For those who are comfortable in the garden and working on their landscaping themselves, fall pruning is on the mind. The autumn season is when trees and plants alike should be pruned to make room for new growth the following year and to clean up the look of your landscaping. The importance lies in timing and proper techniques used for pruning in order to get the best look out of your pruned garden. Maybe you used to have a landscaping company that did it for you, or perhaps you didn’t realize all of the work a garden can be. No worries, we’re here to help! Follow our easy 4 step guide and relish in your pruned garden!

4 Step Guide to Fall Pruning

  1. Tackle the large bushes and trees first, the dead limbs and diseased leaves will be easy to spot. If you see damaged twigs, or branches with no growth, go ahead and cut those right back to the closest junction. If you are pruning a topiary, be careful not to lose the shape when you’re making your cuts. These types of plants are usually best left to a landscaper with experience and knowledge. 
  2. Glance over the summer flowers which have ultimately by now probably lost their flowers. If they have, cut them back, but be careful NOT to cut down any NEW growth. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to cut new growth, this will reduce the number of new blooms next year. Instead, just cut back the dead stems. Deadhead your fall flowering perennials as well. 
  3. If you feel like you’re pruning too much, you probably are. Put on the breaks and don’t overdo it, some plants such as ornamental grasses flourish in the autumn and you may need to wait until just before the first frost for pruning. If you’re unsure, ask at your local nursery or consider hiring a professional landscaper to do your fall cleanup.
  4. Clean up any trimmings, leaves, limbs, dead-heads etc. You want to get these all up off the garden bed so that they do not seed causing confusion next year when flowers are popping up where you didn’t expect. 

Fall pruning can be therapeutic for the garden lover, but for some, it’s not quite their cup of tea. Either way, you can still have a beautiful fall garden! If you need to enlist help, consider calling professionals in for the job. Our residential weekly home maintenance package is a simple way to take care of your garden and keep it looking beautiful. Every 90 days our team is out trimming shrub growth and our fall pruning and cleanup package come with it! If you’re interested in enlisting DeCarlo Landscaping to help your home look its best this autumn, call us today for a quote!