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It’s summer. Everyone wants to be on a patio or a porch, coffee or wine in hand.

The National Association of Home Builders finds that 80% of potential homeowners believe porches and patios are essential when considering a home to buy.

You have your patio dinner party ready to impress your guests. Your summer dishes are out, the bistro lights are strung.

But wait, is your yard looking like the garden of Eden, or a neglected home for weeds? Is your patio furniture looking like a place to sit or a place to put the dog?

Remember, your guests will be gazing at every last detail of your design outdoor surroundings while they relax in your company.

Creating a luxury space will make for a night of entertaining that your guests will never forget.

Here are 5 tips to make the design outdoor spaces people will love:

1. Keep It Fresh

Once you’ve found your inspiration, go hard in that direction.

There are always look-a-like affordable options for the high-end furniture or patio awning you dream of.

Replace sun damaged cushions. Spray paint old planters.

It’s all in the details when you dress up your design outdoor space. Put a fresh coat of paint on your patio for the season, and revive the plant hangers. Purchase throws and hang them over your patio furniture to add layers.

Outdoor rugs are always a huge plus and make any outdoor space feel comfy. Considering humans spend 7% of their life outdoors, let’s make that 7% incredible.

2. Light the Way

Lighting is a key element to any event. It can completely set or ruin the mood.

Once your walkway leading to your oasis is lit, shower your patio with candles and lighting overhead.

Have your favorite landscaping company install lights at the bases of your surrounding tree trunks.

When it comes to the patio, lights are an affordable option to help set a magic mood as the sun starts to go down. Hang lights from awnings or any posts that you deem useable. The higher up you hang the lights, the more encompassing your design outdoor space will seem.

3. Give Your Yard a Boost

Whether your driveway needs a repave, or your walkway needs some new stones, contact the pros who can lend a hand.

Make sure your grass is cut and the weeds are pulled. Replant any dying flowers, and give the yard a good spray to avoid fungal mushrooms.

You’re sure to impress with a yard that is well maintained.

Planting rosemary bushes and basil plants is always a pleasant surprise for guests as the wind blows the scents their way.

4. Overhead Design Outdoor

Canopies. Awnings. Pergolas. Large umbrellas.

Not only will these overhead elements keep you out of the sun should you be on your porch during the day, they are also a beautiful addition to your space.

Overhead elements add a luxurious feel to any design outdoor space.

5. Make it Unique

Whether with a stone fire pit for pizza or a unique chandelier, make your space special and bold.

While traveling, pick up tiles or statuary you can incorporate into your design outdoor space.These will serve as great conversational pieces while you entertain.

Maintain a blend between where the house ends and the outdoor space begins. The segue from house to patio should be fluid and beautiful, welcoming your guests to the extension of your home.

Final Word

By using a fantastic landscape designer, great lighting and comfort elements, you are sure to have an outdoor space you (and your guests) will love to be in.

Contact us to help you rejuvenate your design outdoor space for an unforgettable outdoor season.