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asphalt repair

Did you know that the use of asphalt dates back to the third millennium BC? Asphalt is an ancient material long used for durable and important purposes. It is created through a process of combining natural deposits and distilled petroleum. Asphalt’s state can change from a liquid consistency to the hard-rock solid you recognize on roads, parking lots, or in your driveway. But, sometimes even the most durable materials crack and need replacement. So, how do know when it is time for an asphalt repair?

You may know some of the signs like cracking. But did you know there are multiple types of cracks you need to be on the lookout for?

Besides cracks, there are other serious signs of asphalt damage you may not be aware of. Read on to discover the top six signs you need to know. If you have noticed any of these signs, it may be time to use an asphalt repair service. 

1. Cracks 

Cracks are one of the most obvious signs of asphalt damage. Why does cracking happen? Cracking is an asphalt pavement distress

This distress can occur as a result of pressure. For example, heavy loads can place downwards pressure on asphalt that causes cracks to form. Or the distress can be caused by the environment or climate. 

Wondering how to identify different asphalt cracks? These cracks can help tell you when to get an asphalt repair. 

  • Edge cracking: edges begin to crack
  • Alligator cracking: cracking begins to spread and form patterns  
  • Block cracking: large rectangular cracks 

2. Color Changes 

Color changes or fading happens with age. How can asphalt repair help?

New asphalt or a seal can protect your investment. This seal can help fight against future stains, damages, or fading. 

3. Breakage or Crumbling 

Breakage or crumbling can be a serious safety concern. That’s because large chunks of asphalt deteriorate or stick up from the ground. This can be problematic in parking lots or in pedestrian areas.

You’ll need a professional team who can help fix this problem. For example, DeCarlo Landscapes Paving Division understands that asphalt plays an important role in the appearance and safety of your business or home.  

4. Lack of Stability

You need to consider fixing damaged asphalt if you experience any lack of stability. For example, sinking or warping are two obvious signs. 

5. Potholes 

Potholes are a serious asphalt safety concern. Flat tires, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents are just some of the dangers.

Typically breakage or crumbling is where potholes begin to form. So you’ll want to call in professionals to assess the damages as soon as possible. 

6. Rippling 

Rippling asphalt resembles small waves or bumps. You’ll notice these damages on the top layer. Rippling can be caused by heavy-load pressure, environmental factors, or climate. 

Asphalt Repair Is Important For Aesthetics and Safety. Contact a Paving Professional to Assess Your Situation! 

If you’re searching “asphalt repair service near me,” you may have noticed some of these serious signs. These asphalt issues can be more than unpleasing to the eye. They can cause safety concerns that can affect your business or home.

It is important to pay attention to these signs and act before the issues get out of hand. For example, if you notice cracking or breakage, a professional asphalt repair team can help stop these problems in their tracks. If you need asphalt repair, contact DeCarlo Landscapes to get a quote.