by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

April is here and landscapes all over New Jersey are brightly glowing with spring blooms.  Although our winter in 2017 was mild, northern New Jersey was lucky to get some rainfall at the beginning of April and our soil is happy for it. Our team is so excited for the start of spring season and we are working hard to make sure all of your properties around northern New Jersey are looking perfect. 

All of the blooming perennials like dogwoods and forsythia are in full bloom and the colors couldn’t be more breathtaking for April landscapes. All of the year-round hard-work we do really shows off when we see the beautiful site of perennials blooming in the spring. To continue our work, we are out doing turf fertilization, weed control and checking out the health of our blooming perennials right now. We are also out pruning our properties, thinning out bushes and shaping shrubs for their new growth.

Soon we’ll be preparing to install some new outdoor kitchen, fire pit and entertainment areas on some of our residential properties and we’re looking forward to showing our new and existing clients what a backyard transformation looks like! Patio paver projects, driveways and sidewalks are also getting underway as many go outside and realize that crumbling and cracked pavement is an eyesore.

All winter, our team has been busy planning exciting designs, new color combinations for plantings and are on top of the newest trends for this year. Ready to get your yard in order? Call DeCarlo Landscaping Design today!