by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Owning a business in Central or Northern New Jersey, you already know how much a heavy snow can affect the day-to-day. Customers may have issues accessing or parking in your lot or may feel unsafe walking from their car into your building depending on the conditions. This is why choosing the best North Jersey commercial snow contractor is so important to your business. A reliable snow removal company that you can trust is key. Here are the top three questions you should ask when interviewing your commercial snow company this year.

Three Questions to Ask Your Commercial Snow Company

  1. Are you Licenced/Certified/Insured? This is the top question to ask, and although it may seem common, some commercial snow contractors neglect to get proper licensing, certification or insurance for their company. Usually, these companies have prices so low you can’t believe it, and that is why. Hiring one of these companies to perform your commercial snow removal could leave you in heap of trouble including lawsuits, fines, and damages if an accident or slip and fall occur on your property due to their negligence. 
  2. What Services do you offer? Depending on the size of your business or property, you may need specific services. Perhaps you have a small property and need your snow removed from the property, be sure your company provides snow removal not just plowing. Don’t find out at the last minute when you’re losing half of your parking lot to snow storage until it melts.
  3. What type of equipment do you use? The company you chose for your services should have a variety of equipment, from sidewalk blowers to large parking lot plows. This helps you to feel secure knowing they have enough equipment to perform the type of job your property requires quickly. Also, be sure to ask how often their equipment is maintained and if it is reliable or if they have backup equipment in case of failure. 

When you know the right questions to ask, you’ll be sure when you’ve found the right fit for your commercial property. At DeCarlo Landscape Contractors, we welcome your questions and would love to talk to you about our services, our licenses/insurance/certifications, as well as our state of the art equipment. 

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