by mike mike

This weekend New Jersey is experiencing a heatwave! It will have most of New Jersians staying inside soaking up the air conditioning and staying cool. What about your plants outside? Many aren’t sure how to care for them so that they survive the extreme heat. Here are our tips below!

  1. Water as much as possible. Any vegetables and annuals should be soaked two to three times per week. Watering should be done in the early morning before the sun becomes too hot. Soak the ground surrounding the base of the plant for 2-3 minutes.
  2. New plantings need extra water. If you’ve planted any new woody landscaping plants this year they will need extra water! Be sure to check on them while watering your garden beds and consider extra water if needed.
  3. Trees and Shrubs can absolutely survive a heatwave. However, they can benefit from extra watering during extreme heat and dryness. 
  4. Your lawn is another area that needs water! If there are no water restrictions in your area run your irrigation system or your sprinkler during the early morning or late evening hours. 

We hope you will enjoy this hot summer weekend and now that you know how to care for your landscaping you’re even more prepared to get through the heatwave with your yard intact. If you could use some help gardening, consider hiring DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors to take care of all of the guesswork for you! Contact us today with any questions about our services.