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Caring for your plants during a heat wave

This weekend New Jersey is experiencing a heatwave! It will have most of New Jersians staying inside soaking up the air conditioning and staying cool. What about your plants outside? Many aren’t sure how to care for them so that they survive the extreme heat. Here are our tips below! Read more

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Attractive Residential Landscape Design

It was a beautiful weekend to take a drive around Northern New Jersey. With all of the spring flowers and shrubs in bloom, you can’t help but notice homes you’ve never taken note of. It seems as though this time of year, the bright colors and vibrancy of spring can make us realize our yard is a little bland. That’s why DeCarlo Landscaping Design is here to help create an attractive residential landscape design. Read more

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Winter Landscaping Tips

We’ve seen the last of our extended summer here in Northern New Jersey. Today the weather is colder, damper, and you can almost smell fall. Garden lovers have been outside getting all of their pruning, raking, bulb planting and yard work in and taking advantage of the extra nice day’s mother nature provided this year. We all know that winter is on the horizon as we move into November, so this means gardeners need to get creative when trying to spruce up their winter landscapingRead more

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Tips for your Fall Garden

When you’ve got over 30 years of experience in the commercial and residential landscaping industry, you better believe we think we’re the best at what we do. We love to monitor and care for our installed gardens, and it makes us happy to see our installed gardens thriving year after year with the year-round maintenance we provide. We do understand, however, that some of our customers just need help installing, but are avid gardeners and love to maintain their own beds. We respect that here at DeCarlo Landscaping and with that in mind here are a few tips for maintaining your fall garden on your own.  Read more

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4 Step Guide to Fall Pruning

For those who are comfortable in the garden and working on their landscaping themselves, fall pruning is on the mind. The autumn season is when trees and plants alike should be pruned to make room for new growth the following year and to clean up the look of your landscaping. The importance lies in timing and proper techniques used for pruning in order to get the best look out of your pruned garden. Maybe you used to have a landscaping company that did it for you, or perhaps you didn’t realize all of the work a garden can be. No worries, we’re here to help! Follow our easy 4 step guide and relish in your pruned garden! Read more

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7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Local Landscapers

Having a great yard is a sense of pride for many homeowners.

Not only that, but it brings great resale value to your home as well! Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or small project, picking the right landscaper is huge.

Read on to learn the questions you must ask any landscaping service.

Upfront Questions for Local Landscapers:

Do they offer consultations?

Ask them they if they will come out, see your yard and say what they think they can do with it.

Tell them your ideas for what you want and listen to their input.Being the professionals that they are, they’ll probably have some ideas you hadn’t considered. 

During this consultation, you’ll be able to get a feel for their expertise, and the type of worker they are. 

Be aware though, you are taking up a business person’s time and might be charged for the visit. 

What are their prices?

Once you’ve talked with different landscapers and hear their ideas for your yard, you can get down to the brass tax of it all. 

Find out the prices of your local landscapers before asking more specific questions. This way you’ll know which companies are within your budget and which companies you can eliminate right off the bat. 

Decide who gives you the best bang for your buck and then get to the details.

Learn More About the Company: 

How many years of experience do they have?

Knowledge comes from experience.

Are you more likely to trust your yard to someone who’s new to the industry or a company with years and years of experience? Look for local landscapers who have been around for a while who know what you want and how exactly to install it.

Experienced companies understand the type of soil, ground levels, and other nuances that newcomers may overlook.

What type of services do they provide?

You may like the prices they offer and the experience they have, but do they offer the services you are looking for?

Some companies will be full service and do landscape install, maintenance, and hardscaping where they’ll add a deck or patio to your yard.

Make sure the local landscapers you’re looking into offer what you want. Some companies just install gardens and other greenery. Some just do maintenance work on the yard for you.

Know what type or service you want and find the company that fits the bill.

What are their guarantees like?

If your plants or lawn starts to die within a few years, will they replace it at no cost to you?

All landscape contracts should come with a guarantee for their work.

Most – if not all – have a least a 2-year guarantee. Finding companies that give 3, 4, or even 5-year guarantees aren’t difficult to find, however. 

Ask, also, at this time if any equipment they install is also guaranteed or if it is guaranteed for longer or shorter than the greenery.

Can They Do What You Want?:

Ask to see examples or testimonials

A landscaper may talk a big game and offer you great prices and great ideas for your lawn, but the proof is in the pudding.

Before they get to work on your yard, ask them to see pictures of their former work. 

Look for work they’ve done on houses and lawns that are similar in shape and size as yours. Don’t be afraid to also check to see if they come with any recommendations or have customer testimonials you can read.

How long will it take?

Installing any landscape project will take time. 

That’s without including uncontrollable aspects such as weather and shipping delays, putting a deadline on a project may be unreasonable. 

It depends on what all you want to be done, but ask your local landscapers to give an estimated timetable for how long it will take them to complete the job. 

If you really have a date you want it to be completed by, ask how busy the company is with other jobs, where they get their resources from and how many laborers they’ll have on the job.

With the 7 questions listed above, you are now ready to look around your city for the best landscapers to hire. 

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This Spring was wetter than ever in Northern NJ and if you listen closely, you’ll hear a faint tune of “rain, rain, go away!” as eager New Jersey residents are ready for warmer weather. Read more

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30+ Years of Experience in Landscaping Design

For 30+ years, DeCarlo Landscaping Design has been one of the top choices for landscape design in New Jersey. Priding ourselves in our commitment to being and honest and family-owned company who give their clients exactly what they need at a fair price has always been our aim. With an owner who was driven to make his Bergen County based business a familiar name throughout the state when it comes to landscaping design, after this many years you can absolutely say our company has held onto its core value of providing design, installation and honest work. Read more

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Three Easy Walkway Ideas

Every homeowner wants their garden to look appealing, whether battling their neighbors for best on the street or looking to impress themselves when their hard work pays off. However, spending large amounts of money to get to that end point is not what homeowners typically want to do. Luckily there are many easy ideas for walkway installation which can give a bold appearance for a low cost pulling the whole yard together. Read more

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Spring is in full bloom in New Jersey!

Get in your car and take a drive around the suburbs of northern New Jersey. Spring blossoms are around every corner, on every street capturing eyes from the roadway. Due to changes in weather patterns, some flowering trees are already starting to loose their bloom, but the abundant colors of the spring blossoms are breathtaking! Purple, pink, white and yellow are taking over the dullness winter has left behind. Read more