by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

When you pull into your office, do you ever notice your company’s commercial landscaping? Chances are, you notice something that looks ugly, make a mental note to have that fixed, and forget it! If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, first impressions matter! There is no exception to that rule even when it comes to your commercial property. 

Even if you may not realize it, your business is affected by what it looks like from the outside by anyone entering your property. First impressions develop into pre-conceived notions which can carry over throughout the person’s experience at your office, building or company. Putting some extra thought or time into your curb appeal can help you to strengthen customer relationships as well as attract new customers who may drive by and have their eye caught by your landscaping. Maybe someone will notice your business for the first time!

What about employee mentality, have you thought about that lately? There have been many studies showing that the environment in which your employee’s work has a direct effect on their productivity and morale. When the first thing that your employee lays eyes on when pulling into work is a beautifully landscaped property, think of how that could help to boost productivity and morale!

Do your part to let your property reflect the type of business image that you aim to portray to the world. That is where DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors come in. Providing a wide array of commercial services which last year round, we proudly serve northern New Jersey making businesses stand out from the road. If you are interested in working with us to improve the appeal of your commercial property, call us at (201) 585-7137 or fill out a contact form and someone will contact you as soon as we can!