by mike mike

Property owners in Northern New Jersey are preparing for winter as September approaches. The question comes back around whether or not to do your own parking lot plowing yet again. Well, let us tell you why its a better idea to hire out and relieve yourself of the hassle.

When snow hits causing delays, parking lot disasters, icy sidewalks, and all that winter brings to it in the Garden State, the parking lot is no place for a business or property owner to be spending their time. Hiring a commercial snow removal company is a way to make quick work of digging out your parking lot and preparing for a day of business. Having the parking lot clear for visitors, sidewalks de-iced and safe for travel in time for business is a top priority. 

Our clients tell us they’ve spent days outside clearing snow, spreading salt and chopping ice during some major storms that have plagued the Northern New Jersey area in the past. Don’t be one of those business or property owners! You know that you’re losing precious time doing the work you could be hiring out for and meanwhile, your day-to-day responsibilities are piling up. 

Choose this year to be happy and productive inside while DeCarlo Landscape Contractors clears the snow for you. Our insured and trained commercial snow removal team is preparing now for winter. So, don’t spend another snow season doing it yourself. Make the smart choice to hire a commercial snow removal company that is fully insured and ready to take on whatever Winter 2019 has coming it’s way. We look forward to seeing you when the snow flies!