by mike mike

Are you a facility or property manager? Whether it’s for a school, a hospital, a mall or a gas station, December is here and you should be thinking about snow. With winter weather rapidly approaching, you may be quick to just continue on the same path as you have in years previous with snow removal and you could be making costly mistakes. Don’t make these commercial snow removal mistakes this year. 

Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes:

Thinking your staff can handle the snow? Many facility managers don’t have the time to think ahead about snow removal, this leaves them scrambling to send their staff outside to take care of the shoveling, salting and snow removal from the parking lot. This leaves your staff with piling up responsibilities they aren’t completing and you could end up paying overtime. 

Thinking your saving money by doing it yourself. Snow and Ice management can be costly! Especially during a particularly bad winter. The cost of equipment, maintenance, and supplies such as salt and shovels piles up. Especially when something breaks or is malfunctioning. Save the cost and put your budget towards hiring a commercial snow removal company that has all of the equipment already.

Thinking snow removal is no big deal. Sure, it may seem simple enough: snow falls, you remove it and put a little ice melt down to stop the ice. You would be wrong in this thinking. There is much to be planned including when to apply ice melt, and what type of ice melt is right for your property. If applied at the incorrect time, ice melt can be a huge waste of money and perhaps a slip and fall hazard. 

With over 30 years of expertise in the business, DeCarlo Landscape Contractors have seen and heard all of the reasons why facility and property managers hesitate to hire a commercial snow removal company. Once they have, they wonder why they waited so long in the first place. Don’t make these commercial snow removal mistakes for one more year, call DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors before the next snow to guarantee your contract.