by mike mike

As a property manager, you’ve got a lot of day-to-day responsibilities on your hands. Mis-managing certain aspects of the property can lead to issues that hold you up for days, take away from other priority concerns, and cost your company more money. When it comes to snow, make sure you make these commercial snow removal mistakes on your property.

Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes:

  1. Using your employees or work crew to remove snow. We all know that snow is unpredictable, especially in New Jersey. Don’t get caught making the mistake of utilizing your work crew to do the snow removal and ice management. If a storm of impact hits your area, you will be looking at overtime, piled up responsibilities and projects uncompleted due to low resources.
  2. Utilizing snow removal equipment improperly. Running, maintaining and proper use of snow removal equipment should be performed by licensed and trained professionals. Improper use of the machinery can cause costly damage and if a machine breaks due to the improper use, you could be out of luck for the next batch of snow.
  3. Lack of knowledge. If you aren’t sure how to prepare for a snowstorm, monitor its progress, or perform ice control measures, then you probably shouldn’t be. Knowing when to put down ice control and when to plow or how often isn’t a guessing game. Trained and experienced snow removal professionals know and plan for the storm ahead of time keeping your parking lot clear and ready for whatever is to come.

When you hire a commercial snow removal and ice management company you’ll get solutions to all of these mistakes and results you won’t be able to shake your head at. With expertise, knowledge, and manpower, your property will be taken care of ahead of the storm, throughout its worst and after its over. 

Call DeCarlo Landscape Contractors today, and get your property on our commercial snow removal list for this upcoming winter. Don’t let yourself be caught again this year with another snow storm you weren’t prepared for. We service all sizes of commercial clients in Northern New Jersey.