by mike mike

Due to the need for certain items on your commercial property that are required for day-to-day operation, you may have some unsightly features on your commercial property. Items like dumpsters, garbage cans, recycling containers, air conditioning units, gas meters, and storage sheds are most common. Since these structures are to be used regularly, they need to be accessible, but they create an eyesore on your property. What can you do to hide them? DeCarlo Landscape Contractors have your answers to hide unsightly features on your commercial property. 

Privacy boarders of shrubs or small trees are most common. They can be used to help partially hide any feature on the property you don’t want to be the focal point, while still providing access. Once the shrubs or trees are planted, you will see their beauty instead of the dumpsters or sheds that are offensive to the eye. 

Hardscapes can be used as well to build in an area that houses your dumpsters or garbage bins but still allow access. Perhaps one wall could be constructed to hide the view, but still allow for passage around and to the item that needs to be accessed.

This is where using an expert in landscape design comes in to play. A professional knows what structures, like air conditioning units, propane tanks, vents, and water meters need to be accessible on top of being hidden. This means care must be taken to adequately hide the object, but not hinder the access required.

If your commercial property could be looking better if certain structures weren’t seen on the property. Call DeCarlo Landscaping Design for an estimate, let us know if you have something on your property that you are interested in hiding and we will work with you to come up with something that hides the eyesore and helps to show the true beauty of your property.