by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

HOA’s (Homeowners associations) make all decisions regarding budgetary allotments and what work will be completed year to year in your condo or garden apartment property. Depending on your HOA’s annual budget, landscaping services can consume a large amount due to the year-round maintenance that this type of grounds requires. When an HOA Landscaping Service is not pulling their weight and living up to your HOA’s expectations, its time to take another look at DeCarlo Landscaping Design. 

How can we help?

  1. Meeting Expectation: Its hard to balance budget and aesthetics for some companies. When you’re working with a small budget, it can be hard to reach the goal of increased curb appeal. Many residents on the property spend a lot of time at it and they want to see something that is pleasing to their eye. DeCarlo Landscaping Design manages our clients and homeowners expectations by working with the HOA to create a cost-effective landscaping plan that sticks to your budget but still creates an effective curb appeal.
  2. Reaching Consensus: Its hard for board members, residents, and landscape project managers to make decisions on flowers, colors, plant choices and design. That’s why we work to find the right balance, review options, and present attractive options to the board that is sure to hit a home run. 
  3. Dedicated Service: As your HOA Landscaping service, DeCarlo Landscaping Design will provide ongoing maintenance for your plants, trees, and lawns with our yearly maintenance plan. This ensures that your plants are being cared for by professionals with experience taking care of the specific plants and flowers. 

If your homeowners are starting to complain about the lack of aesthetic on your property, or if your landscaping budget is being reviewed, its time to reach out for a bid from DeCarlo Landscaping Design. We’re ready to make you think differently about your HOA Landscaping Service this year.