by mike mike

If you’re one of our new residential or commercial clients, you may have some questions. Let’s start with the one that we get a lot from our new clients: How does rain change our maintenance schedule?

Here at DeCarlo Landscape Contractors, we are ready for the wet weather, but that just might mean we are not ‘ready’ in the way you have us scheduled.

Of course, we may not be to your home for lawn maintenance or grass cutting on the day it rains but we might not be able to get to you even the day after it rains if we get an unusually heavy soaking. Expecting us for parking lot maintenance at your office? We will have to wait through a storm and let those puddles dry. Paving is simply not possible in wet conditions, neither is line stripping so a few days might have to pass before we complete that type of work. Also, and as you might suspect masonry is a no no in wet conditions.

However, you can rest assured that wherever you are in our scheduling you will be attended to as soon as the weather complies! We would never neglect a customer over a thunderstorm, but the logistics of dealing with the unpredictability of rain means that we’ll have to make some adjustments to our usual scheduling at your home or business if the situation arises. 

As always we are available by phone, Facebook prompt, and email if you wish to check-in anytime and we will keep you abreast of any interruption in service or the restarting of same.

DeCarlo Landscape Contractors strives to serve you to our very best abilities and skills but as well-seasoned landscapers, we have to respect weather conditions. We thank you for your continued business and patience and look forward to a wonderful summer of 2019 with you.