by mike mike

Salt and sand that have accrued in your parking lot from this past winter are starting to pile up, and may have caused damage to your asphalt parking lot. Maybe you haven’t used a parking lot or power sweeping service in the past, but its never to late to start! The results will make you happy and will give your customers the impression of a clean, neat look before they walk into your business.

Soon, the snow will melt and you’ll be left with the dirt, debris, and damage that winter has left. DeCarlo Landscaping Design is accepting new power sweeping clients for spring 2018, summer and fall. With each client, our team schedules a specific cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep the parking lot in pristine order.

If you’re using a backpack blower, or that’s what your current service is, we encourage you to consider switching to power sweeping. With blowers, debris is just moved to another area, nothing is picked up. Eventually with water runoff, wind and powerful storms the debris ends up right back where it was. With power sweeping, these things are removed from the property.

Customers visiting your commercial property notice the cleanliness of the parking lot and grounds. Our power sweeping clients agree that keeping the exterior of their commercial property clean is important for business, and we do too! Ditch the backpack blower and try our sweeping services, we know you won’t be disappointed.