by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

New to New Jersey? Then we caught you just in time, you need to be prepared for the winter to come. If a winter weather event hits our area, it generally hits hard and fast. If you are not prepared, you can be left snowed in and stuck. Prepare now with our tips for new New Jersey residents on getting ready for winter.

  1. Gather your gear. You’ll need a snow shovel, some good winter gloves, de-icing material, and an ice chopper just to start. Know exactly what material your driveway, sidewalk, and porch are made of so that you can make the proper choice for the de-icing material. Optional items include roof cables and roof rakes for more severe snow fall.
  2. Decide on whether or not to purchase a Snow Blower. If you’re planning on taking care of any snow events yourself, you’ll need a snow blower to get the tougher jobs done. Take come care to research the areas needs, determine what size unit your property will need and learn how to use the machine properly before the first snow.
  3. Determine if you’d rather use a snow removal company. Licensed and insured snow removal companies can make the winter easier on homeowners by doing all of the work clearing and maintaining your driveway during a snowfall.

We applaud those that do it yourself, maintaining and using a snow blower and choosing to clear your own driveway of snow is not an easy task! For those of you who would rather save the time, energy and expense, its ok to have a service do the work for you!

Call DeCarlo Landscaping and let us help you clear your snow. If this is your first year living in New Jersey, we would be happy to give you a New Jersey welcome by providing you our stellar snow removal service.