by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

This Spring was wetter than ever in Northern NJ and if you listen closely, you’ll hear a faint tune of “rain, rain, go away!” as eager New Jersey residents are ready for warmer weather.

As you will see from the Old Famer’s Almanac (this link is for the next two months Mahwah weather, we can expect some thunderstorms through June and heavier storms in July.

Here at DeCarlo Landscaping we are always prepared and ready for the rain, but how does that affect your property and our maintenance schedule?

On the day that it rains, you may not see us on your property doing lawn maintenance or cutting grass, as prevoiusly scheduled. However, we generally will come unless its a heavy soaking 2-3 days afterwords. If you are a parking lot maintenance customer, we will usually wait out the storm and allow for the standing water to subside before we engage in paving, striping or sweeping. Paving is just simply not possible in the rain, and masonry is avoided during wet conditions. 

We wont forget to come to your property, and when rain comes, we take care to alter our schedule to get to all of our properties in a timely fashion. We would never say no to a customer over a thunderstorm, but the logistics of a rainy summer dictates that we’ll have to make some adjustments to our usual scheduling at your home or business. Don’t worry, the past few years are creating a pattern, so we’ve got this scheduling thing down!

As always with any questions about your property we are available by phone, Facebook prompt, email, or through our contact form. Check-in with us anytime and we will keep you updated of any interruption in service or the restarting of same.

We aim to serve you to our very best abilities and skills but as well-seasoned landscapers we are at the will of the weather! We thank you, as always, for your continued business and patience and look forward to a wonderful summer of 2017 with you.