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Running your pooch to a local dog park might not fit into your regular schedule. As we all know, in New Jersey sometimes (lots of the time) the weather isn’t the best for even taking our furry four-legged family member beyond the backyard. Maybe you’re a pet care center owner looking for more options at your facility; what might you offer clients who have a dog that needs to run and play outside? Residential or commercial concerns…a dog run might be just what you need.

Regardless if you are installing a dog run for a home or business you’ll need a professional landscaper to do the work right. Landscapers can work with you on the exact specifications needed and possible for your space. They will then raze the specific area with as little disturbance to your home or business as possible, clean and render the space then lay the appropriate the artificial grass for the dog run surface. Fencing-in the dog run, the landscaper will figure and fix the delineated spot for maximum affect and aesthetics.

A pro landscaper will also:

  • Allow for a modicum of partial shade somewhere within the run.
  • Cut/trim near trees or bushes back to prevent from possible tick infestation.
  • Allow for access to power outlets and hoses (well covered of course) so you can provide partial heating to the run and access to running water.
  • Help you consider the ‘extras’ you might want to add to the dog run (see just some of those products here:
  • Even help you pick out the grade and color of  the Artificial Grass you can use.

Don’t be discouraged if it seems you don’t have enough space for a dog run. A professional landscaper is trained to ‘see’ your backyard in a wholly different way than you do. They can suggest options and know just how best to fit the dog run into even a space that seems too small to support one.

In no time at all you’ll be hearing the patter of little furry feet frolicking and happy barks a’barking in your new dog run, at your home or for your pet care business.