Beautiful landscaping will enhance your home’s appearance, making it attractive to guests, neighbors and your family.

Need residential landscaping or landscape design from a trusted and reputable landscape company in New Jersey? DeCarlo Landscapes Design and Maintenance provides detailed landscape design, installation and seasonal maintenance for your home landscapes. With DeCarlo, you can trust that our experienced, professional, and courteous team tends to your home landscaping needs.

Landscape Design

Every DeCarlo landscape design is drawn out based on your specific landscaping tastes and functional needs and is used as a guideline for landscape installation and construction. This residential landscape process, from design to installation, ensures your home landscape project is successful.

Whether you want a spectacular complex design or a more conservation landscape design, the design team from DeCarlo Landscapes will design your home landscape to fit your particular needs and dreams.

Maintaining Your Landscape

DeCarlo offers landscape maintenance services in New Jersey to ensure that your outdoor living space is well kept. The DeCarlo landscape maintenance team continually reseeds, resods, and replants throughout the season to ensure your home landscaping always looks its best.

2015 Residential Landscape Maintenance Packages

INITIAL CLEAN UP March or April:

Power Raking, Lawn Reseeding, Fertilizing, Weed Control, Cultivating Beds, Edging Beds & Walks, Weeding Beds, Mulching, Cutting Lawn.

Weekly Home Maintenance Package Service for 2015

1. Cutting Lawn

2. Weeding Beds and Walks

3. Cultivating

4. Edging Beds & Walks

5. Cleaning & Blowing (Approx. 4-5 Services Per Month)

6. Fertilizing & Weed Control Every 60 Days = 4 times per year

7. Trim new shrub growth Every 90 Days = 2 times per year

8. Fall Cleanup