by mike mike

Safety is a high priority for New Jersey property owners. Keeping your employees, tenants and all visitors safe and accident-free on their visit to your property is a top concern. Maybe your landscaping company doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking about safety on your commercial property. But, it should! The right commercial landscaping company, like DeCarlo Landscaping Design, can provide more than just landscaping services. Finding the right one can be one of the most important and easiest ways to ensure safety on your property.

Important Safety Measures:

  1. Sidewalk Safety! Sidewalks in need of repair are a big safety issue. Consider that everyone from employees to visitors walks your sidewalks every day. Walking around sinking or crumbling sidewalks, and uneven areas increase your risk for a fall on your property.  Hiring a company equipped to fix these issues or replace them completely, you’ll be reducing this risk.
  2. Overgrown shrubs and trees can be a safety issue as well. Overhanging trees or shrubs onto sidewalks can reduce the ability to traverse your property easily. From blocking entrances or visibility on the property or creating an unsafe path, this can be a risk for falling as well.  A company providing routine maintenance will develop a schedule to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed and maintained.
  3. Soil Runoff or washout is another concern on a commercial property. Uneven areas on your property can allow for washout after a rain onto the sidewalk or on an area of the landscaping beds. Visitors on your property are then forced to avoid these areas or traverse along another route and may slip or fall. Identifying areas of concern and putting in place measures to fix and prevent this from happening is what you can expect from a commercial landscaping company. 

For over 30 years, DeCarlo Landscaping Design has been providing services that address and reduce the risk of liability issues such as those above. If you are concerned about an area on your property, call us today for a quote. You can also use our simple estimate form which is easy to use and upload photos of your property for our experts to review.