by mike mike

You frequently see trucks spreading salt and sand during winter snowstorms but do you ever wonder why? 

Sand does not melt ice but it does help create better traction for the icy road conditions. The sand absorbs heat from the sun and helps melt the ice faster.  Sand also is a great option instead of salt because it doesn’t affect the amount of salt in bodies of fresh water. 

Salt lowers the freezing point of water to 28.4 F which is why it’s used quite frequently to help with snow removal. 

Professional snow removal services will generally salt the roads prior to large snowstorms to prevent them from getting icy or use salt throughout the storm to help melt ice that is already there. 

There are times when rock salt is not effective due to the cold weather and that is when it’s essential to combine rock salt and sand. Salting and sanding are the first steps in ensuring snow can be removed as easily and quickly as possible. In addition to salting and sanding, here are a couple of other tips for keeping your driveway and roads clear:

  • Do some light stretching before shoveling snow to help prevent injuries.
  • Shovel often so you’re not lifting too much snow at one time. Don’t let more than 6 inches of snow accumulate at a time.
  • Stay hydrated while you’re out there shoveling
  • Keep your phone on you just in case something happens and you need to call for help
  • Dress in layers and always wear a hat
  • Stake your driveway pre-winter so you know where your driveway ends and your lawn starts. You don’t want to damage your grass or plants.
  • Avoid moving snow to anywhere near the foundation of your home
  • Shovel earlier in the day so people don’t stamp down the snow and make it harder for you to shovel

Lastly, if you have large areas, look into professional snow removal. New Jersey gets, on average, 23 inches of snow per year. DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors is here to help take the stress and strain out of an impending snowstorm with our snow removal services. Contact us today to review your options and receive a free customized quote.