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New Jersey Landscape Design and Property Maintenance

DeCarlo Landscape Design is the best option for landscape design in New Jersey. We pride ourselves in being an honest, family-owned company that looks to give our clients what they ask for rather than what we want to do. We are a family owned landscape company in Bergen County headed by a dedicated and driven man whose life goal has always been to be a successful entrepreneur. He has always felt he has had an eye for design and prides himself in being known professionally as an honest, loyal, and meticulous worker. At DeCarlo landscaping, our goal is to become an all-inclusive property maintenance contractor. For that reason, as a property maintenance company, we pride ourselves in providing top of the line service. To ensure the quality of our work, we provide our staff with extensive understanding and training. We also provide our staff with continuing education classes to ensure the quality of our work at all times. We take satisfaction in being familiar and comfortable in all areas of property maintenance. As a property maintenance company, we provide a wide variety of services. When it comes to lawn maintenance, we know exactly how to ensure the quality and health of your lawn or turf. We also offer parking lot maintenance services, whether it be power sweeping, asphalt repair, paving, masonry, or hardscapes, we do everything to keep your parking lot looking its best. When the colder weather comes, we also offer services to help maintain your property. Whether it is ice management, snow plowing, or snow removal, we make sure your property survives all types of weather. As far as New Jersey landscape design and property maintenance goes, DeCarlo’s landscaping is guaranteed to have everything you need and will work the hardest to provide you with the best possible service.

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Planting Your Plants At The Right Time To Plant

It’s an ironic turn of events that in the high summer months in northern N.J. so many of us want to get out and about. Not only are we wrangling the family into the car for that modern day phenomena the ‘staycation,’ but many of us look to get out and garden…or at the very least call in a landscaper to switch out shrubs and flowers when the days are long and the weather spectacular. 
But the summer is generally not the best time for planting or moving plants and shrubs. In fact, it’s generally a bad idea to be planting in those long days of cloying heat and humidity (and anyone who lives in northern NJ knows well about heat and humidity come July and August). 
Decarlo Landscaping is well aware and plan for planting gorgeous shrubs, moving plants, developing new luscious spots of vegetation at the beginning of the fall. In our north east corner of the country the heat typically breaks mid-September. So just as the kids are getting back into the swing of school Decarlo comes in for all the new planting and moving of existing flowers, plants and shrubs. Working your landscaping at this particular time of year Decarlo can assure better plant longevity, work with you on a long rage landscaping strategy and attend to all the ravages left by the summer just past. 
Of course through it all, during fall planting and even those dog days of summer, water is the main element needed to assure long lasting plant life. During the summer Decarlo can come to create shading, attend to plants and shrubs suffering from the heat but without water-and lots of water at that!-your landscaping is doomed. 
Whether we come out for a consistent watering schedule, you attend to it yourself or we combine our efforts, really please remember that water as key to plant shrub survival as is when to plant. 

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DeCarlo Landscapes, Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

A quick drive round suburban northern New Jersey reveals lots of dentist and doctor’s offices in garages or converted porches. Busy Bloomfield Ave. supports countless offices from Montclair all the way up to Caldwell. From the older areas of Passaic and Patterson to newer complexes being built in Wayne and East Hanover there are office parks and warehouses owned and operated by landlords filling spaces with thriving east coast businesses. Living and working in this busy corridor of the country, be you landlord or business owner, you all-too-soon realize that the immediate surroundings of those office complexes, warehouses or even your home office requires landscaping and consistent maintenance. As the first best impression on your customers and renters both you need a professional like DeCarlo Landscapes to attend to the consistent upkeep and healthy aesthetics of your commercial property, no matter where it might be in Northern N.J.
Based in the area as we are DeCarlo understands not only the business of caring for trees and lawns, specific repair and drainage of lots, how to build your landscape for maximum aesthetic effect, but we also know about scheduling for that all important snow plowing and removal, when and what to plant and how uniquely challenging working in our area can be.
DeCarlo can handle your specific landscaping and property management needs. From regular maintenance of your parking lot and the walkways at your office building on busy Route 10 to manicuring the big lawn expanses surrounding your converted guesthouse home office in Upper Saddle River. DeCarlo takes care of it all no matter the size of your space or what needs to be done…and how often it needs to be done.
Maintaining commercial properties from Morris to Upper Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties is what we do and how we help you put your best foot forward in this competitive business market we all work in.

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Flowerbeds In Our North New Jersey Properties…What Your Landscaper Knows

Sure, pruning a tree or cutting your lawn is all ‘ground zero’ property management, but planting flowers and designing flowerbeds is just as important. And seeing as our northern New Jersey climate certainly enjoys some challenging ‘variations’ the type of flowers your pick for your landscaping, as well as where those flowers are placed are very important. Lots of flowers die during the cold months only to blossom again in April/May and in cases of very bright color, you’ll want to create a palette and not a clashing bloom.

This is why enlisting the services of a professional landscaper is so important.

Here are some flower bed ground rules:

  • Your landscaper will most likely make suggestions on flowers and plants native to North America and Northern New Jersey specifically.  Erring on the side of perennials, like Butterfly Milkweed or New York Aster, you can enjoy this type of flower indigenous of the area (though there are many other types of flowers to choose from as well.)
  • Depending on your dear population your landscaper might lead you in the direction of flowers that might not be so yummy to animals. Protective netting and specific spots to hang flower pots might also be part of the strategy.
  • Allowing for the intricacies of your property’s landscaping a regular scheduled visit by your landscaper might be warranted….or at least them stopping by at the beginning of each season to attend to the basics for further healthy flower growth or hibernation.

Even the lay person knows that the art of landscaping is about more than just where to plant a bush. It takes skill, schooling and most importantly years of experience to know just what’s going to look right…and where it should go on your property. The front lawn of your home, walkways, surrounding foliage and those bright beautiful flowerbeds is the first people see of your property well before they even step inside. Competent and professional landscaping is a must.

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Residential or Commercial: A Dog Run Might Be Just What You Need

Running your pooch to a local dog park might not fit into your regular schedule. As we all know, in New Jersey sometimes (lots of the time) the weather isn’t the best for even taking our furry four-legged family member beyond the backyard. Maybe you’re a pet care center owner looking for more options at your facility; what might you offer clients who have a dog that needs to run and play outside? Residential or commercial concerns…a dog run might be just what you need.

Regardless if you are installing a dog run for a home or business you’ll need a professional landscaper to do the work right. Landscapers can work with you on the exact specifications needed and possible for your space. They will then raze the specific area with as little disturbance to your home or business as possible, clean and render the space then lay the appropriate the artificial grass for the dog run surface. Fencing-in the dog run, the landscaper will figure and fix the delineated spot for maximum affect and aesthetics.

A pro landscaper will also:

  • Allow for a modicum of partial shade somewhere within the run.
  • Cut/trim near trees or bushes back to prevent from possible tick infestation.
  • Allow for access to power outlets and hoses (well covered of course) so you can provide partial heating to the run and access to running water.
  • Help you consider the ‘extras’ you might want to add to the dog run (see just some of those products here:
  • Even help you pick out the grade and color of  the Artificial Grass you can use.

Don’t be discouraged if it seems you don’t have enough space for a dog run. A professional landscaper is trained to ‘see’ your backyard in a wholly different way than you do. They can suggest options and know just how best to fit the dog run into even a space that seems too small to support one.

In no time at all you’ll be hearing the patter of little furry feet frolicking and happy barks a’barking in your new dog run, at your home or for your pet care business.

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Parking Lot Maintenance

It’s not just how your parking lot looks that’s important…it’s also how it’s being maintained, cleaned and repaired. Clients and even employers steering their cars over a pitted surface, or just spying unsightly debris, will simply not have the best not best impression about your offices or factory. And when it comes to a first impression we can’t ‘un-ring’ a bell.

In many regards the parking lot to your commercial space is the asphalt ‘welcome mat’ of your company. A hands-on professional attention to the details is surely needed for the repair, cleaning and maintenance of your parking lot.

Pothole fill-ins and the consistent upkeep needed from of our ‘challenging’ New Jersey weather need to be professionally addressed. Just the every day wear-and- tear of cars coming and going wreck havoc on asphalt. It is important then that the crew you hire not only show up for the parking lot repair job they are hired to do, but that they actually get out of their trucks to do that job! On foot inspections of the surrounding area is as important as trucks repairing pitted areas.

For the actual nitty-gritty of parking lot cleaning, a professional landscape and design company need apply the same hard work to the cleaning of your parking area as they do its’ repair. Again attention to detail is tantamount to having the job done right. Porters need to inspect all areas-on foot-where debris can be trapped, applying the time-honored method of hand plucking garbage from stubborn out-of- the-way areas. Finally a parking lot street sweeper vacuum should be employed to cover the full space of the lot and render it spotless at the end of the job.

A professional parking lot repair and sweeping company should also report on graffiti, abandoned vehicles and any other anomaly to your parking lot space.

Parking lot repair, maintenance and cleaning might be a “dirty job that somebody’s got to do” but make sure that that somebody is doing the job right.

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Landscaping for Your Business

Attention to your commercial landscaping is an important part of your business image. Commercial properties that are well groomed and landscaped show your clients and employees that your business cares about quality. DeCarlo Landscaping understands how a commercial landscape should be maintained. We maintain New Jersey commercial landscaped properties with great attention to detail. Our commercial landscape teams are scheduled to continually maintain business landscapes throughout the year. DeCarlo Landscapes provides planting services, lawn cutting, parking lot sweeping, parking lot maintenance, and snow removal services. Considering a new vendor for your commercial landscaping? We have the manpower and equipment to handle your property all year long.

If you manage a commercial property in New Jersey that is in the need of; parking lot sweeping, asphalt repair, seal coating, landscape design or maintenance, or snow removal services, please contact DeCarlo Landscapes for a competitive project quote.

Spring is a great time to add architectural detail to your commercial landscape. Call or email DeCarlo Landscapes before April 2014, to check availability for commercial property maintenance and construction in New Jersey.

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Book Now for Landscaping Seasonal Contracts

Spring is right around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about bringing your New Jersey residential or commercial property back to life from a particularly harsh winter. Initial Spring Cleanup of your property starts in March and April. DeCarlo Landscapers in New Jersey will; cut, power rake and reseed your lawn, fertilize if necessary, perform weed control, cultivate planting beds, clean up edging on beds, walkways and driveways, weed beds, and spread fresh mulch. The best time to book your Spring Cleanup is now! The benefits of a Spring Cleanup will last all season. The weekly home maintenance package service for 2014 is as follows:

1. Cutting Lawn

2. Weeding Beds and Walks

3. Cultivating

4. Edging Beds & Walks

5. Cleaning & Blowing (Approx. 4-5 Services Per Month)

6. Fertilizing & Weed Control Every 60 Days = 4 times per year

7. Trim new shrub growth Every 90 Days = 2 times per year

8. Fall Cleanup

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Snow Removal Contracts are the Way To Go!

When it comes to snow removal, it’s best to be prepared! In New Jersey, the likelihood that you will need your driveway or parking lot plowed is high. So why not sign up for a DeCarlo Snow Removal contract before the winter months? Usually, after or during a storm it’s too late to find a snow plow in New Jersey. That’s why it’s always better to be first priority in a storm…when you are a DeCarlo snow removal client, we make sure that your driveway or parking lot is given the proper attention when a snow storm hits. Call or email our New Jersey Landscaping office to make sure your residential or commercial property is first priority in a snow storm. Taking care of your snow removal contract now will save you time and frustration in the future!

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Plowing a Paver Driveway

During the winter months, clients ask us all the time whether their paver driveways can be plowed. Yes, a paver driveway can definitely be plowed. It is sometimes best to use a plow with a rubber edge when plowing a paver driveway. Also, it is important to not use sharp shovels or ice scrapers to remove stubborn ice from paver driveways. Doing this could damage the pavers; instead, ice removal products that are safe for pavers should be applied. It is important to choose the right snow removal company to plow your paver driveway in New Jersey. DeCarlo snow removal teams take the care in marking your driveway to make sure that Belgium blocks on the borders aren’t damaged by the plow. DeCarlo believes in taking the right steps to make sure your driveway is plowed on time, in a safe manner, and safe. Let it snow!