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Prepare Your Landscaping For Winter

The snow is on its way and the family and guests will soon be arriving for your holiday gatherings. Does the front of your home look as warm and inviting as the inside will be? Clearing the leaves from your lawn and landscape beds will get your yard ready and looking presentable for holiday guests. It is again that time of the year, where getting everything done is just too much to handle.  The endless list of work is waiting to be done, leaves raked, annuals removed and debris cleared. Bulbs need to be planted for spring, trees and shrubs trimmed and wrapped for the winter, and on top of it all you need to prepare the inside of the house for the holidays.

Have a landscaping company do the tough work for you! Our professionals at DeCarlo Landscaping will take care of all of the hard work, from design and Installation of your unique landscape in the spring, to fall clean up before the winter comes.

When the snow finally does come, DeCarlo Landscaping will be there for you as well. With over 30 years of experience in New Jersey snow, we provide our customers reliable snow plowing, hauling, de-icing, shoveling and sidewalk clearing services. Our experienced team of professionals are courteous and detail oriented. We continually work throughout the year to make sure that your landscape complements your home’s appearance and that your driveway and sidewalks are a safe winter environment for you and your guests.

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What happens when there is a blizzard, and I need a Snow Plow company?

One of the most important factors, when owning a business, is always to be prepared. There is nothing that should ever halt the forward motion of your company in such a manner that it takes away from the common and accustomed practice of your business. In the New Jersey region, being readied for winter snow removal is a very significant component of making certain that your business can run properly through the wintertime.

Waiting until a blizzard situation to call can put you in a costly predicament, leaving you without services on the first day that you ask it. Snow can accumulate quickly, causing treacherous conditions on your parking lots and sidewalks, putting your customers and employees in danger. It will be too late to call a snow removal company to dig out your business, unless your business has a pre-existing seasonal account. You will see yourself paying higher rates due to an emergency snow removal call and have to pay more for the remainder of the season. Booking a seasonal account will secure that your commercial snow removal company has the time it needs to assess, and work your locations into their operations. That is why it is important to book now! Contracting a commercial snow removal company in advance, ensures proper implementation of your contract and prevents any potential problems in possibly missed services.

Call today for your commercial snow plowing needs and don’t be left in the snow!

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Best rates for commercial snow removal

When looking for a commercial snow removal company, one of the most important factors that business owners take into account tends to be price. Now a days everyone is looking for the best rate, the lowest price and big savings in order to feel that they have made a good decision. The reality is that getting the lowest price does not necessarily mean you are getting the best service. With commercial snow removal companies, it is important to realize that you will be receiving a higher tier of service for your price. This is due to the experience of the company, the resources available and proper insurance carried.

Many companies offer a lower cost and then sub-jobs out to others for even less than what they charged you. If you contract one of these low priced companies to manage your parking lot snow clearing, and they are not properly insured, you may be sorry in the end. Many of these companies are not carrying proper insurance for their business or their employees. This could put you in a terrible situation if anything happened on your property, due to their negligence.

DeCarlo Landscapes offers competitive rates but also has to charge the proper amount in order to give the customer the pro service that they deserve for their businesses snow removal. You will be provided with a cost up front so that you are better able to budget for your business. In New Jersey, snowfall is inevitable. Although we never know what is in store for the winter, it is the smart idea to receive a seasonal contract which grants you the peace of mind in knowing you have an insured company that can plow your parking lot when you need it the most.

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Time is running out to book a commercial snow removal company

The change of the seasons is inevitable, already outside, the colors are changing and leaves are beginning to fall. Before we know it the unpredictable winter weather will be upon us. Forecasters are already anticipating a harsh winter in New Jersey, with the first winter storm to arrive in late November. Although it may appear to be too early to start predicting snow, we can be certain that snowfall is inevitable. The winter weather has a track record of bringing heavy snowfall and hazardous conditions to the sidewalks and parking lots of businesses, causing delays in business, decreased traffic flow, and many headaches for business owners.

If you want your business to continue to function normally during the winter months you should be thinking about hiring a commercial snow removal company. It is important that when the first flurry’s start, your business is prepared. This means, making sure parking lots are clear for employees and clients, making sure sidewalks are free and clear of snow and ice, and ensuring that both your employees and clients make a safe entry and exit into your place of business. Don’t wait until after the first snow fall to book your commercial snow removal company. By early autumn, the best New Jersey snow removal companies are already compiling their customer list and by the first snow they may be at capacity. If you are one of those business owners who tries to wait it out, you will have quite the headache finding a dependable snow removal company who has availability to take on another contract. It is never too early to plan for your commercial snow removal, in fact time is running out! To spare you the time and hassle, make sure the company you call is:

  • An Insured snow removal company
  • Experienced in New Jersey snow removal
  • Is very reliable

DeCarlo Landscapes provides all of the above, along with consistent quality work to all of our customers. If you desire the best in New Jersey snow removal for your line of work, you want to book with us today!

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Top 4 reasons you should change your commercial snow plow company this winter

Is your business using the right commercial snow plow company? This time of year, many business owners are finding themselves preparing for the winter, calling their current snow removal company, signing a new contract and making sure that they will be covered the first day that the snow starts flying. Before you sign that contract this year, we urge you to think twice about your current company and think about making a decision that will give you peace of mind. Below are the top four reasons that you should change your commercial snow plow company this winter.

  1. Timing is everything:  If your current company consistently shows up to your business late, or creates havoc as your customers/clients have to navigate around the plow, it’s time to hire a different commercial snow removal company. Many businesses hire a small private company, or a friend who has a plow on their truck and assume that this is saving them money. Many times these people show up late, after the snow has already accumulated beyond expectation. They may have only one or two vehicles and not be able to get to your location when needed. Even worse, if their truck breaks down, who will make sure your parking lot is clear? Why waste your time and money with these unknowns. Hiring a commercial snow removal company that can plow your parking lot efficiently and quickly will save you the frustration and trouble.
  2. Legal Liability: It is your legal responsibility if someone gets hurt on your property due to un-cleared snow and ice. In many towns there are strict laws requiring commercial property owners to remove snow from parking lots and storefront walkways by a certain time. There are many different restrictions on business snow removal based on the township you are in. Penalties and fines may be incurred due to your negligence of properly clearing the parking lot or sidewalk, damage to the sidewalk, or a slip and fall injury. Employing a professional service will help assure that the legal obligation is taken care of.
  3. Experience: When the snow starts, many people decide they are going to go into the snow plowing business for some supplementary income. Unfortunately, these people do not have the necessary experience to efficiently and quickly remove snow from your business. You should always use a contractor that has been in business for a few years and has the experience needed in your area. DeCarlo Landscapes has been providing the New Jersey Area with professional snow and ice control services for nearly 30 years. Today, Decarlo Landscapes sets the local standard for safety, timeliness, and efficiency in the services it provides to all its commercial snow removal clients.
  4. Insurance: Using an insured snow removal company is an absolute necessity in order to ensure that your legal liability is covered. Snow plow insurance is required in all states by law for anyone who provides any snow clearing service such as commercial parking lot removal of snow. If the company you are using is not insured, you can be held responsible for legal defenses, medical bills, court related fees and settlements. Don’t let yourself get in this situation.

Make the right decision today for your business and your peace of mind. Call DeCarlo Landscapes today and make the switch!

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Your Snow Removal Company Needs To Be Commercially Insured

Avoid looking out your window come December and bemoaning, “I need to set up snow plowing for my business”. Any business owner in northern N.J. should have their plowing options set before the first hint of colder weather. As all commercial property owners in the Garden State are well aware, sooner than later snow will be falling and often falling in great big loads. But it is not enough to get your snow plow company to show up when they are scheduled. You must be assured that the company digging you out, clearing your parking lot, deicing your walkways, regularly creating safe passage for your clients and workers during winter storms, is insured for commercial snow removal.

Just as you hire a professional plumber or licensed electrician for your office, it behooves you to assess and then hire a N.J.-based snow plowing service that has commercial insurance. As with any other regularly scheduled service you hire to work at your office, your snow removal company is not one you want to worry about.  A good percentage of the time snow removal is done in the wee hours of the morning, you will simply NOT be present when the work is being done to make sure it is being done correctly.

A company taking the time and due diligence to cover themselves and you, for every contingency are the company you want plowing for you: DeCarlo is commercially insured.

There are just too many things that could go wrong with those big snow removal trucks coming through in the dead of night or during the day when your lot is full of cars vying for spaces around snow drifts. Parking lot snow removal takes intricate coordination and scheduling. A company that has commercial insurance to perform this particular job is a company that is taking great pains to make sure their personnel as well as their entire business model is set for safety, no matter what the snow removal job requires.


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What company should I hire for snow plowing my business?

It is a fact of life that in the winter months New Jersey can see snowfall, sometimes lots of it! If you are a landlord or a business owner you’ll certainly need to be prepared for the: snow removal, path shoveling, and ice maintenance.

Don’t be left asking: ‘What company should I hire for snow plowing my business?’ when the snow’s already falling. Scrambling to schedule plowing by having no contingency plan for winter storms is just bad business and can cost you plenty.

Even a moderate snowfall can bring business to a standstill. Take a drive up and down Rte.17, there are always plenty of businesses buried in snow or landlords out trying to negotiate even the smallest of clearings. Snow removal should not be your concern, running your business should be. At DeCarlo, we see to it that your property is well covered…not by snow, but competent snow removal experts.

DeCarlo assures you of:

•    Regularly scheduled snow removal and ice maintenance at your property during any size snow fall…even a storm.

•    Adherence to local standards of safety (DeCarlo is N.J-based after all)

•    Turnaround time for snow removal that won’t interfere with your business.

Commercial snow removal in New Jersey is a serious business, as much for the business that comes out to do your snow removal as for you, the business owner. Don’t be left out in the cold by not having adequate snow removal scheduled from a reputable company like DeCarlo Maintenance.

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The Hazards of Snow and Ice Storms

At this time of year, we urge local New Jersey businesses to secure a reliable snow removal company for your building’s parking lot and walkways. Car accidents in parking lots and people slipping across icy pavements are some potential nightmares to contend with if you do not book a snow removal company soon! Not to mention the worry of just how long it might take to get your business open if you have to do the shoveling, plowing and ice removal yourself.

The hazards of snow and ice storms are as dangerous for the people coming into a business as they can be for the owner of a commercial property. It is in your best interest to hire a commercial snow removal and ice contractor that:

Works 24/7 in the winter months, as well as in emergency conditions.

Has been in business for years, enjoys a sterling reputation and is commercially insured.

Has the ready and skilled manpower, vehicles and tools needed for both snow and ice removal.

Consistently plows a wide variety of business up and down the Garden State, working all kinds of N.J. big and small commercial spaces.

When snow and ice start falling, it is too late to ask, ‘Who should I call for snow plowing for my business?’ The real hazard of snow and ice removal at that point will be how much you are charged and if your plow company can show up after they attend to their regular customers.

There are many concerns one might encounter during the winter months in New Jersey. Being a commercial property owner, you have a particular set of concerns that can only be mollified by hiring the right snow removal company as early as possible.

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Travertine Pavers for Your Jersey Shore Pool

What makes for a great pool deck for your New Jersey pool? Yes, the beach-and ocean-are nearby, but plenty of homeowners who live in towns like Toms River, Belmar, Brick, Manasquan, supplement the ocean’s influence by building a pool in their backyard. Also, when they build their pool deck it is Travertine pavers that New Jersey pool owners use time and again.


Travertine pavers are top performers in some important ways. First and foremost the paver is made of natural rock. This non-slip water absorbent porous surface sees less water pooling across the paver surface, so potential slipping incidents are lessened. Travertine also does not retain heat like other pavers can; it is a comfortable walking and sitting surface even when the sun isbeating.

Secondly, Travertine is an attractive stone and comes in many colors and grades. When building a pool deck, New Jersey pool owners appreciate color and style options.

Another excellent characteristic of Travertine is that it is easy and inexpensive to fix. A few well-attended parties could see plenty of damages to the pool deck, and the weather that visits New Jersey during our full four seasons could wreak havoc on stones of a lesser grade and quality. Being able to repair and replace pool pavers inexpensively is another great feature of Travertine.

Lastly, Travertine pavers are affordable. Surely they may cost more than concrete but the advantages of Travertine cannot be argued and they still cost less than other stone products. New Jersey homeowners can outfit their pool deck within their budget and enjoy quality pavers that will last a lifetime.

Despite the challenges in building an in ground pool on the Jersey Shore, you can take the guess work out of just what kind of pool deck paver you will be enjoying by simply deciding on Travertine pavers. They deliver durability, affordability, attractiveness and safety for your pool deck needs.

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Excavating At The Jersey Shore

Super Storm Sandy presented countless problems for the Ocean County, New Jersey area, but excavation projects from Belmar to Bayville, inland and at the seaside both, have been part of the business for DeCarlo Landscaping, Design and Maintenance years. Post Sandy there continues to be lots of building in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Also, where there is building there is excavation.

Whether digging trenches for new infrastructure; excavating for utilities, sidewalks, driveways, pools foundations; an extensive range of municipal projects that are called for yearly, it behooves home and business owners both to call an excavation company based and working in N.J. With an office in Brick and one in Tenafly, up and down the state, DeCarlo Landscape Design and Maintenance is a company that knows how to get excavating done in the Garden State and what’s needed to work in specific areas like the Jersey Shore.

DeCarlo keeps the work moving at an expert pace with skilled operators and on-site supervisors who have logged-in years of experience working in and around the particular topography of N.J. Excavating is not alchemy; it is hard, accurate work that needs an expert company to complete jobs correctly and expeditiously…no matter where they are being done and what they are. The Jersey Shore area specifically has lots of private homes built close together, as well as many businesses lining busy thoroughfares like Rte.35;  an experienced hand is certainly needed in these instances. The expert use of backhoes, dump trucks, front-end loaders even shovels are surely needed for precise projects often performed in close confines.

DeCarlo Landscape, Design and Maintenance is the company to trust for excavating at the New Jersey Shore.