by mike mike

Autumn has made its way to New Jersey officially! While you’re out on your property assessing what needs to be prepared for the winter, be sure to check your sidewalks, walkways, and curbs for damage. If there is a lack of integrity noticed such as cracks, crumbling and uneven walkways, sidewalk repair is recommended before winter hits.

Once the winter weather and cold temperatures hit, the damage you already see will be furthered and it may not be an easy fix once spring arrives. Costly repairs due to negligence now will not make your budgeting for 2020 any easier.  That’s why it’s smart to make any repairs to sidewalks, walkways, and curbs this fall. 

The DeCarlo Landscape Contracting crew spends many of autumn days filling in cracks, repairing holes, reconstructing curbs and leveling sidewalks for our commercial clients. A stable foundation for their parking lot, sidewalk or walkways are crucial to their safety come winter and we understand that! That’s why our crews are trained in determining to what extent a repair needs to be done and to use the proper materials every time. 

With concrete construction repair services, DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors can help your commercial property get ready for Winter and save you money come spring! Get a start on your sidewalks, curbs, and walkway repair by getting a quote now!