by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

To get from your parking lot to your storefront or business entrance with ease, many commercial property owners use footpaths, sidewalks or walkways to guide their tenants, customers or clients into the building without much thought. The sidewalk should give your customers an accurate idea of which direction they are headed, which entrance is the main one and where they are going. If you’re noticing worn out grass, garden beds with trampled flowers or a mess in your mulch, chances are there is some confusion. Where does your sidewalk take your customers?

When these types of issues start to arise, its the first indication that the current walking path or sidewalk isn’t doing its job. In this case, we suggest looking closely at your landscaping design, walkways, sidewalks and paths. Letting customers traverse through your flower bed not only can leave it looking unkempt and a mess but can also be a liability issue if someone slips on the loose mulch. Of course, you may not want to put a path through a median or garden bed for a specific reason, if that is the case we suggest tighter plantings that act as a physical barrier to deter this type of foot traffic.

As experts in the industry, we know that property owners have different goals for their properties. We are the ones who can facilitate that! Whether it’s creating a better foot path or walkway on your property, meandering through existing landscaping design, developing a new design that works better with your property, or creating physical barriers that keep people from traversing where they shouldn’t, we can help! Our dedicated landscape design team has the experience and know how to make whatever your goal is to come true. We can also give you expert advice and guide you in the right direction if you need the help.

Spring is the best time of year to commence a project such as this. It sets the tone for the entire spring and summer season and will help you to save grass that is being trampled, garden beds that are being ruined and to better help your tenants and customers gain entrance into your property. Call us any time or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will contact you about getting started with us.