by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Although the sun is peaking out here and there, its been a relatively rainy few weeks here in Northern New Jersey. The Farmers Almanac predicts the following forecast for the area for June:

  • June 6-9 T-Storms, then sunny, cool
  • June 10-18 Scattered showers, cool
  • June 19-28 A few t-storms, warm

This prediction could mean that we are not out of the woods yet for some more spring-like rain around our region. Read on to find out about spring rain may affect your summer maintenance schedule. 

For DeCarlo Landscaping, we prepare for weather events such as heavy rains and adjust our routes and plan accordingly. If you’re wondering what this may mean for your business, you’ve come to the right place. 

When you’re on a maintenance schedule with us, you can bet we’ll show up on time and stick to our schedule as best we can. When it rains, of course, we have to do some shifting in the schedule. Even though it is the day you are scheduled for service, if it rains, we might not be able to get to you, especially if it’s a soaking rain. We attempt to get to every one of our locations when the property is ready (dried out) and we can mow without damage.

Similarly, if you’re expecting us for paving, striping or masonry on your commercial property and its raining, you can bet you’ll be getting a call from our team. Unfortunately, this type of work must wait through wet conditions, as its simply not possible to stripe, commence masonry work or perform paving in the rain. 

You can bet if we have you scheduled, we will not forget you! Thunderstorms soon pass, and with a few adjustments, we work to put our schedule back on track ensuring your business is getting the maintenance it needs.

As always we are available by phone, Facebook prompt, or email if you wish to check-in anytime and we will keep you abreast of any interruption in service or the restarting of same.

DeCarlo Landscaping endeavors to serve you to our very best abilities and skills but as well-seasoned landscapers, we have to respect weather conditions. We thank you for your continued business and patience and look forward to a wonderful summer of 2018 with you.