by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

We are gearing up for a heat wave this weekend in the tri-state area. Temperatures in the 90’s will make it really feel like summer, and the heat will seem unbearable at times. Its this time of year that we like to give some summer tips for your property so that your lawn and plants make it through the heat!

  1. Protect your Lawn: Your lawn is the first victim of the unrelenting sun. Keep your mower to the highest level you can when it is hot! This can help to keep your lawn greener longer and help you to save from watering as much. Of course, this may mean you’re mowing a little more than usual, but it will be worth it when yours is the only green lawn on the block.
  2. Water Smart: If you have an irrigation system, great! Be sure to change the schedule if your lawn needs a little more water than before. If you’re a hose or watering can type of person, be sure to water your plants as needed in the early morning hours before the sun is hot. Also, if it is raining, consider skipping a cycle so as not to drown your plants or create root rot. 
  3. Stop Weeds: Sun and water are the two things plants need in order to grow. Of course, not only will your plants love the sun and water you provide, but weeds will love it too! Be prepared to pull those annoying weeds out as they come up, but be careful when using sprays. When the sun is hot and unrelenting, some weed killers can burn surrounding grass. 

We hope that you will put our tips into practice at your home to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful through this upcoming heat wave!