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Commercial Landscaping

Part of your overall business image is reflected on the outside of your brick and mortar location. It’s there that the customer first has experience with your brand. From the parking lot to the commercial landscaping, these seemingly minute things, are very important. Read more

by Caitlin Caitlin

Incorporating Trees in your Commercial Landscaping

This time of the year, town work crews are out and about trimming tree limbs that are hanging into the street, hindering sightlines and weighing on telephone lines. You’ve probably seen them working their way around your neighboorhood, and when they leave it looks, well bare. If you have a large commercial property it may look quite bland with no trees around. Here are some reasons you may want to install trees on your commercial property.

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by Caitlin Caitlin

Commercial Sustainable Landscaping

If you could reduce your budget by conserving water and energy would you do it? The answer for any business owner or property manager would immediately be yes. For most businesses, all decisions eventually come down to budget so when you hear that you can be saving money, the interest is peaked. Now, what if you could reduce your budget and your carbon footprint with commercial sustainable landscaping? Read more

by Caitlin Caitlin

What is the value of Commercial Landscaping?

These days, businesses have to make hard decisions depending on their bottom line. Their budget is what drives them to determine what projects, ideas or new programs can be integrated into their already existing business model, and hopefully, increase company profits. That’s why it’s not uncommon for business owners to decide NOT to invest in their landscaping and to save the money. What If we told you there is an added value of commercial landscaping? Read more

by Caitlin Caitlin

Its an Evergreen Holiday Season

As a commercial and residential landscaping company, we have our favorite stand-by items that we love to utilize in our landscape design. It won’t surprise you that evergreens are one of them! Although this year we had only a dusting of snow by the holidays, we aren’t fooled and know its on its way. Soon, your green grass will be covered and there will be only one green eye-catching spot in your yard – your evergreen! There are many reasons that we suggest evergreens when designing a landscape for a client, and here are just a few! Read more

by Caitlin Caitlin

Commercial Landscaping is Important

When you pull into your office, do you ever notice your company’s commercial landscaping? Chances are, you notice something that looks ugly, make a mental note to have that fixed, and forget it! If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, first impressions matter! There is no exception to that rule even when it comes to your commercial property.  Read more