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Incorporating Trees in your Commercial Landscaping

This time of the year, town work crews are out and about trimming tree limbs that are hanging into the street, hindering sightlines and weighing on telephone lines. You’ve probably seen them working their way around your neighboorhood, and when they leave it looks, well bare. If you have a large commercial property it may look quite bland with no trees around. Here are some reasons you may want to install trees on your commercial property.

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Commercial Sustainable Landscaping

If you could reduce your budget by conserving water and energy would you do it? The answer for any business owner or property manager would immediately be yes. For most businesses, all decisions eventually come down to budget so when you hear that you can be saving money, the interest is peaked. Now, what if you could reduce your budget and your carbon footprint with commercial sustainable landscaping? Read more

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What is the value of Commercial Landscaping?

These days, businesses have to make hard decisions depending on their bottom line. Their budget is what drives them to determine what projects, ideas or new programs can be integrated into their already existing business model, and hopefully, increase company profits. That’s why it’s not uncommon for business owners to decide NOT to invest in their landscaping and to save the money. What If we told you there is an added value of commercial landscaping? Read more

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Its an Evergreen Holiday Season

As a commercial and residential landscaping company, we have our favorite stand-by items that we love to utilize in our landscape design. It won’t surprise you that evergreens are one of them! Although this year we had only a dusting of snow by the holidays, we aren’t fooled and know its on its way. Soon, your green grass will be covered and there will be only one green eye-catching spot in your yard – your evergreen! There are many reasons that we suggest evergreens when designing a landscape for a client, and here are just a few! Read more

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Commercial Landscaping is Important

When you pull into your office, do you ever notice your company’s commercial landscaping? Chances are, you notice something that looks ugly, make a mental note to have that fixed, and forget it! If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, first impressions matter! There is no exception to that rule even when it comes to your commercial property.  Read more

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5 Signs That You Need a New Commercial Landscaper

1. From the looks of your unkempt exterior, customers are surprised to learn your still in business

The exterior of your business speaks volumes for what you have to offer inside. Is your landscaping overgrown and not maintained well? Odds are that you should find a new commercial landscaper. The outside of your business is the first impression that you give a potential new customer, why not make it a good one?

2. Your parking lot looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or repaired in 20 years

What’s more frustrating than trying to park in a lot where you can’t even see the lines for parking spaces? Answer: Bottoming out your car on a 1′ deep pothole. Parking lot maintenance is more than just blowing off garbage once a month with a backpack blower. If this is your parking lot maintenance plan, odds are you need a new property maintenance company.

3. Customers dodge overgrown shrubs while walking on sidewalks

The trimming of overgrown shrubs, trees and plants is a common landscape maintenance issue that the ‘lawn care’ landscapers don’t touch. Why not? Landscaping for your commercial property is more than just cutting the grass twice a month in the Summer.

4. The most you see your current landscaper is from service invoices

When was the last time you saw your current landscaper working on your property? Do they only stay for a couple minutes and move on? We like to make sure to take care when providing commercial landscaping services. This means checking in with our clients and letting them know of exterior maintenance issues.

5. Your parking lot isn’t snow free until 4 days after a storm

Getting from your car to the office shouldn’t feel like a snowshoeing excursion! DeCarlo provides on time and effective snow removal services for any sized business.

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Tips for Designing Commercial Landscaping

If the lot of skills you possess being a business owner don’t include a green thumb, you’re in luck. Here are some hints from the professionals at DeCarlo Landscaping and Design, to help you plan the perfect landscape for your commercial property.

Architecture: The purpose of landscaping is to enhance the architecture of your building. Think about the lines of the building, the shape of the walkways and the construction era of the building.

Entry: Make the entrance of your building the focal point. Creating an obvious point of entry that is inviting and easy to find will give your customers a pleasant experience.

Attract the Eye: Create interest around something important to your property such as a monument or a sign. Consider using plants of color to draw the eye to this area.

Neatness: Keep things fresh, the first impression people have on your business is the property. The nicer your landscaping looks the better the first impression. Keep walkways and plant beds clear of debris.

Space: If you don’t have a lot of space, do not chose plants that will overgrow the area you chose for them. Reducing visibility with overgrowth will take away from the visual esthetics of your business.

Colors: You may call for something vibrant with lots of texture for an eclectic feel. Or you may want something dialed down, with evergreens, grasses or shrubs for a more polished professional feel.

Safety: Make certain that the entryway is adequately lighted for dark times of the daylight. Keeping trees trimmed and bushes from overgrowing into the walkway will help provide safe passage for your customers.

Care: If you are choosing flowers, keep in mind that some of them need to be planted fresh each year. Bushes will need to be kept up, trees trimmed and gardens weeded. If it seems like too much to handle, consider hiring a property management company.