by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Fall Gardening Top Ten List

We know that not everyone is an expert in fall gardening, planting, and lawn care. That’s why we at DeCarlo Landscaping Design are here to give you our fall gardening top ten list to get you started.

  1. September is time to plant your bulbs for next year, wait until the temperature cools down before planting, but buy them now before they are sold out.
  2. Add a new layer of mulch if your existing mulch is looking broken down and ugly.
  3. As the leaves slowly start to disappear, deer will be looking for some fresh greenery to nibble on, use netting to cover and protect your perennials.
  4. Take stock of the herbs you’ve been growing this summer, this is a great time to start trimming and drying for winter use.
  5. Have you seen the beautiful kale and other colored veggies this year? September is the time to plant these for color and beauty in your fall garden beds.
  6. Mums are in season, use them for a pop of color outside your front door or on your porch. They are great for container gardening and look stunning when accented with cabbages.
  7. Raking leaves as needed is helpful to keep your lawn healthy and looking well maintained. September means starting to plan your weekly raking
  8. Care for your tools by cleaning, oiling and properly storing the gardening tools that you will not be using this winter. Proper seasonal care and storage will help you to keep your tools lasting for years to come.
  9. Prune back any tropical plants such as hibiscus and move them into the porch for a while before transitioning indoors for winter. This small move will help to make the final move easier on the plants.
  10. Secure your new landscaping company now. September is not too early to plan for winter care around your home and spring planting for next year. Hiring a respected and experienced landscaping company for your home or business now will keep you from scrambling for help when you need it.



by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Gardening Tips For Spring

Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is here and it is time to put those green thumbs to work! Here are our top 5 spring tips that every gardener needs to put into action!

  1. Prune – This is a great time for you to prune! Early spring is when we suggest pruning your dormant plants such as roses, ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs.
  2. Mulch – If you’re planning on using certain types of mulch, this is the time to do it. Remove all leaves and debris in the area where you’d like to mulch. This will help the mulch to do its job insulating root systems, retaining moisture and controlling weeds. Generally, we suggest a good coating of around 3 inches for the mulch.
  3. Fertilize – You can fertilize trees and shrubs with slow release fertilizer this time of year. Be sure to read directions properly and only apply what is recommended. Ruining your beautiful trees due to over fertilization is a costly mistake.
  4. Plant – Wait until after the last freeze and plant new trees and shrubs so that they get a full season of growth ahead.
  5. Prepare – Get your mower serviced and all garden tools sharpened and oiled. This will make sure that your tools are prepared and working at their optimal ability all season.

Missed out on the green thumb, or too busy to get to these tasks? You may be in need of our residential landscape maintenance services. DeCarlo Landscaping & Design helps to maintain many residential landscapes throughout the New Jersey area. We work hard to continually reseed, resod and replant as needed throughout the season to ensure your landscaping is always looking its best! Visit our page on landscape design to find out more about our landscaping maintenance service.