by mike mike

You may think that the most important aspect of your driveway is its look. That fresh clean sharpness of the blacktop or the even and smooth look of concrete can be really appealing to the eye. However, the most important aspect of your driveway is durability. Vehicles need to pass over its surface multiple times daily, it must stand up to the four seasons of weather in New Jersey, not to mention kids playing sports on its surface!

When you use a professional company like DeCarlo Landscape Contractors for your driveway installation, you’ll be left with a durable and virtually maintenance-free driveway. The aesthetic appeal won’t be missing either! DIY driveways tend to lose that aesthetic appeal first and that’s a major sign that it’s not durable or holding up to the traffic it should. If you see things like fault lines, cracking, potholes and crumbling you’re lacking durability. 

Using quality materials, our pros plan and install driveways that will look great AND stand up to whatever your family has to throw at it. Paver driveways are a great option and require a small amount of maintenance yearly, but there are driveway materials for every families budget.

Take a look at our parking lot gallery and check out some driveways DeCarlo Landscape Contractors have done in the past. Then, click on this link and get yourself a quote for your driveway! You’ll be happy you did.