by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Many commercial properties are as is, large parking lot, maybe a few walkways and lawn. What if you thought outside of the box as a commercial property owner; change the look of the outside of your property and enhance the appeal. Using a professional landscape service can help you to improve on whats already there, design a new concept, or a mix of both. 

Having a professional landscape service you’ll not only be getting a professional design eye to help but years of experience and knowledge. Sure, anyone can order trees to be planted on their property and dig a hole. The key is understanding how to plant certain varieties of trees, how large they will become, and how much space to leave in between. Here’s where the experience and knowledge come in. 

Once the property is designed, routine maintenance will help to ensure your landscape will stay in good health and looking sharp year round. Keeping up on maintenance by being on a continual schedule ensures that nothing gets overlooked and plants or shrubs don’t die. 

DeCarlo Landscaping Design is already hard at work designing and installing as well as finishing up our spring clean up. It’s not too late to get a great landscape designed and installed for your commercial property. Get a quote now!