by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

As a commercial landscape contractor, we like to stress that the first impression of your outdoor space on your commercial property is important. We’ve told you how you can help to let customers know what kind of business you are on the inside by showing you care on the outside with professional landscaping. Another point to be made of your landscapes reflection on your company is not only the look of the property but the company that you trust to for commercial landscape design.

So why is it so important to choose a company that reflects your companies values? 

  1. Professionalism. Licensing and certifications, as well as proof of training, can provide you the peace of mind knowing that you are using a company who goes the extra mile to train their employees correctly. Anyone working on your property should be more than efficient in using the required equipment. Failure to ensure training could leave you open to a liability issue down the line.
  2. Appearance. Landscape professionals should not look like a trespasser on your property to you or anyone else. When you use a professional company, you’ll get a team that looks uniform (even if it’s just a logo on a t-shirt). When our team arrives on your property, you won’t have to look twice.
  3. Safety. This correlates with number 2. For security purposes, it helps to be able to identify uniforms on the employees, even contracted ones, so that you can determine who is supposed to be on the property. This protects those occupying the property as well as your employees, staff, and team.
  4. Value. When you choose DeCarlo Landscape Contractors as your landscape provider, you know you’re getting a company built on outstanding values. Our aim is to provide for our community and to provide top-level landscaping work for our clients.

It’s time to ditch the unprofessional landscape guys that you have and to start looking professional with DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors. From new design and install to a refresh of what you already have, we are ready to work for you. Our trained and dedicated staff works tirelessly to provide the excellent work that we perform for our clients and we can’t wait to help you improve your landscapes reflection on your company.

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