by mike mike

Do you ever wonder if your landscaping company is doing the best job for you? Here are five signs that its time for a new landscaping company for your commercial property.

1. From the looks of your unkempt exterior, customers are surprised to learn your still in business

The exterior of your business speaks volumes for what you have to offer inside. Is your landscaping overgrown and not maintained well? Odds are that you should find a new commercial landscaper. The outside of your business is the first impression that you give a potential new customer, why not make it a good one?

2. Your parking lot looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or repaired in years

What’s more frustrating than trying to park in a lot where you can’t even see the lines for parking spaces? Answer: Bottoming out your car on a 1′ deep pothole. Parking lot maintenance is more than just blowing off garbage once a month with a backpack blower. If this sounds familiar, its time for a new landscaping company.

3. Customers dodge overgrown shrubs while walking on sidewalks

The trimming of overgrown shrubs, trees, and plants is a common landscape maintenance issue that the ‘lawn care’ landscapers don’t touch. Why not? Landscaping for your commercial property is more than just cutting the grass twice a month in the Summer. Use a company that will handle ALL of the tasks that you need to be taken care of.

4. The most you see your current landscaper is from service invoices

When was the last time you saw your current landscaper working on your property? Do they only stay for a couple of minutes and then disappear? We like to make sure to take care when providing commercial landscaping services. This means checking in with our clients and letting them know of any exterior maintenance issues.

5. Your parking lot isn’t snow free until 4 days after a storm

Getting from your car to the office shouldn’t feel like a snowshoeing excursion! DeCarlo provides on time and effective snow removal services for any sized business.

So, if you’ve recognized that any of these five signs are apparent on your commercial property, its time to call the company that’s been providing landscaping work to commercial properties in northern New Jersey for over 30 years. DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors is waiting to add you to our client list for 2019. Contact us today for a quote!