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Tenafly, NJ

(201) 585-7137

Brick, NJ

(732) 451-1390

DeCarlo Landscaping Design

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Serving Commercial and Residential Properties

Snow Removal

Landscape Design

Parking Lot Cleaning & Sweeping

Asphalt Repair


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DeCarlo Landscaping Design

DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors

Commercial Services

Serving Northern NJ and the Jersey Shore

DeCarlo Landscaping Design is a full service Property Maintenance Contractor. We offer a variety of seasonal and non-seasonal services for businesses. Our main services areas are North Jersey as well as the Brick and Tom’s River Area of the Jersey Shore.

Parking Lots and Paving

Bergen County NJ is known for it’s dense population and high traffic volume. As a result some of the main services we provide are parking lot and driveway related. This includes brick pavers, asphalt, paving, concrete, and line striping. We are your one stop contractor to ensure that egress in and out of your property is unimpeded and functioning properly.

Snow Removal

In addition to building and repairing the roadways and impervious surfaces in and around your business, we clear them of snow. New York City and New Jersey has been known to reach gridlock during epic snow fall in recent years. Despite the occasional extreme winter storm or blizzards, NJ and NYC will always receive a amount of moderate snow seasonally. DeCarlo Landscaping Design sister company On-Time Snow Removal provides seasonal contracts and one time on demand service for snow plowing.

Landscaping Design Trends

Commercial Landscapes

We maintain, design, and provide landscaping contractor services for all size businesses.

best priced commercial snow removal

Snow Removal

Reliable Snow Removal services are required during the winter months.

Asphalt Repair

Parking Lots

We are a all inclusive impervious surface and pavement contractor.

Bergen County Parking lot with no pot holes

Asphalt Repair

Repairs for overused and freeze thaw damaged asphalt surfaces.

Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete Contractor

We pour concrete slabs sidewalks and more.

commercial parking lot maintenance


Renew your parking lot or driveway with new pavement.

Commercial Sealing Services


Protect pavement from weather related issues.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Line Striping

Keep parking lot lines and important information clearly visible.

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