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Do you own a business with a parking lot? Repaving it is probably not even on your list of priorities, let alone high on it! But your parking lot needs maintaining just as much as the rest of your business.

In fact, a parking lot is the first impression a customer or client will get of your business, so it pays to keep it in good condition.

But what are the signs that your parking lot might need to be repaved? We’re going to take a look at 5, so keep reading to find out!

1. It’s 20 Years Old

If you’ve had a parking lot for 20 years but haven’t had it repaved, it’s highly likely that it’s time to have it done. 20 years is a decent amount of time without having to repave it, so you shouldn’t begrudge it, even if on the surface it looks good.

2. There Are Potholes

Potholes come from unaddressed imperfections in your parking lot. They could emerge from cracks due to weather, or just general wear and tear. If your parking lot has a number of potholes in it, you could patch them up but this is more of a temporary remedy than a permanent solution. 

If potholes are left, they will continue to grow and could end up causing damage to vehicles, which you certainly don’t want.

3. Cracks in the Paving

Cracks, like potholes, can worsen over time if you leave them alone. They are caused either by general wear and tear or by environmental changes. Cold winters cause the asphalt to contract, and when the warmer months come along, the asphalt expands, causing cracks.

This process repeated year in, year out can cause some rather unsightly cracks, so it’s best to repave your parking lot when you start to see them.

4. Sun Damage

Another environmental issue is the bleaching effect the sun has. A newly paved parking lot looks shiny and black and you’d be forgiven for thinking you could go ice skating on it as it glistens!

Over time, the sun will cause the asphalt to go a lighter color, which can make it look old and weathered. A repaved parking lot can instantly improve the curb value of your business.

5. Faded Paint

The whole purpose of painting stripes onto your parking lot is so that people are able to see exactly where to park. If the stripes on your parking lot have become faded, it can cause disorder especially when the parking lot is busy. 

Repainting them over and over will end up making your parking lot unnecessarily bumpy, so repaving is a good option.

Do You Need Your Parking Lot Repaved?

If you’ve read these signs and realized that your parking lot needs to be repaved, De Carlo Landscapes are happy to help and can give you a quote for a professional and efficient service.

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