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6 Beautiful Winter Landscaping Tips to Start the Season Right

6 Beautiful Winter Landscaping Tips to Start the Season Right

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There’s no doubt about it: winter is coming! But is your yard ready to meet it?

It can be tempting to let lawn maintenance fall by the wayside in the winter months, but doing so could be devastating for your landscaping come springtime! Read on to learn our six favorite landscaping tips for the winter.

1. Plan Ahead, Plant Ahead

Believe it or not, you actually start prepping your garden for the winter months the moment that you plant something in the ground. That’s why it’s important to know what hardiness zone you live in.

Once you know your hardiness zone, you can make informed decisions about what to put in your yard so that you don’t end up with plants that just can’t survive, no matter how hard you try.

2. Water in the Winter

As long as it’s above 40°, you should still be watering your plants, even in cold weather. Keeping your plants well hydrated will help protect them from damage or disease.

Watering your yard is especially important when there’s salt involved. Any greenery you have near a road may be exposed to road salts. While these salts are great at melting ice on the roads, they can wreak havoc on your landscaping by drying them out. 

3. Rake Now, Profit Later

Many people believe that raking only has aesthetic benefits. So, if you like the red, yellow, and browns of fallen leaves in your front yard, you may be tempted to leave them there. But in reality, this can cause some serious problems for your yard later on.

Raking is the easiest way to remove debris from your lawn. This will keep your grass from being smothered or damaged over the winter.

4. Landscaping Tips to Prepare for Spring

Believe it or not, it’s never too early to prepare for springtime. If you aerate and fertilize your yard before the first freeze, your greenery will have access to those nutrients when things start to fall out. So while this might not benefit your yard when all of your plants are dormant, it will certainly help accelerate the regrowth process when warm weather finally arrives.

5. Trim a Bit Shorter

While grass is usually trimmed to a length of about three inches, this sort of length can create the perfect environment for pests to build their homes in during the winter. So, the last time you cut your grass before winter, consider trimming it to about 2 inches instead to avoid dealing with pests in the warm weather.

6. Add Lights

It’s extremely common for landscaping to feel a bit drab or dull in the winter months. If you’re in need of some mid-winter landscape rejuvenation, try hanging some lights from your trees. This can really help brighten things up, literally!

Winter Landscape Ideas

When it comes to winter-proofing your yard, following the landscaping tips above is a great place to start. Even when things are dreary or covered in snow, you can still have faith that your landscaping will return in full force once the weather warms up!

6 Beautiful Winter Landscaping Tips to Start the Season Right

Want to learn more about protecting your landscaping this winter? Contact us today!

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Get Ahead of the Curve with A Snow Removal Plan

Snow removal is a crucial service that enables businesses to continue to thrive throughout the winter months. The Tri-State Area is prone to winter conditions that garner heavy snowfall. When it comes time to move this snow from busy parking lots and main roads it can become a big headache trying to figure out where it should all go. The last thing you want is for a big snowstorm to catch you off guard, leaving you with no plan for snow removal and jeopardizing your business. In October of 2011, for example, New York and New Jersey saw an unprecedented storm that dropped a whopping 19 inches of snow across the area. 

Forward-thinking business owners and property managers know that trying to find a high-quality snow removal company after the first winter storm is like trying to find an available water damage restoration company the day after a hurricane. An improper plan for snow removal can make your parking lot impassable and parking impossible. In order to keep your business open safely, you need to contract with a reputable commercial snow removal company ahead of time, to ensure you are not one of the many left out in the cold. 

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Preparing Your Surfaces for Snow Removal

The reason we start talking to our clients about snow removal so early in the season is so they can be sure to prepare all of their surfaces before the first snowfall. It’s essential to go into the winter months with a prepared property so we can do our job and keep your business open through all the snowstorms. Here are some steps to take early in the season to prepare your property for future snow removal. Read more

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Asphalt Repairs Before Winter

Asphalt Repairs are a critical and often overlooked part of maintaining your property, and fall is the perfect time of year to get them done. Fall is the driest time of year in the Tri-State Area, and the cooler air temperatures make for comfortable working conditions. Asphalt repairs cannot be done in the winter for a multitude of reasons. In the winter months, the ground temperature is very low, making hot asphalt very difficult to work with. Precipitation is also most common in the winter months and precipitation and asphalt don’t mix. Precipitation can erode fresh asphalt and prevent proper compaction, leading to uneven surfaces. For these reasons, asphalt repairs are an imperative part of the preparation for the winter months. They are a crucial step that will facilitate snow removal and could save you from costly repairs come spring. 

The Tri-State Area is known for its extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh winter weather. This weather is what leads to the appearance of potholes and cracks in roads, driveways, and parking lots every spring. This is because, in the winter, snow, sleet, and rain are commonplace. When this precipitation collects in pre-existing cracks and freezes into ice, it expands. Then, when the temperature rises, the ice thaws and more water trickles in. This process keeps repeating as the temperature fluctuates, widening cracks, and creating potholes. New Jersey has an average of 105 days where the low temperature reaches below freezing. This is why fall is the perfect time to take preventative measures and invest in asphalt repairs.

 Contact DeCarlo Landscaping today for an estimate on asphalt repairs for your commercial grounds.

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Sidewalk Snow Removal

We know it’s important to keep roads and parking lots clear after a snowfall, but it’s important that you don’t forget your sidewalks, too. Sidewalk snow plowing and shoveling will ensure your employees and clients are safe and that your business can keep running all winter long. After all, New Jersey is home to many main streets that serve as a community hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Read more

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Snow Removal Services

Before you know it we’ll be living in a winter wonderland. It’s time to secure your snow removal services! If you have not already hired your snow removal service now is the time to start thinking about it before you’re stuck with feet of snow piled up in your driveway or parking lot.
Here are the most important things to look for when hiring a professional:
1. Check for a company that offers 24/7 services. Whether you are a business that needs clearing several times throughout the day or a homeowner it’s important to know that you are taken care of without having to even lift a finger to make a phone call.
2. Have a plan. You will want to sit down prior to the start of the season to map out the area that you will need to be plowed. This way throughout the season you’ll be able to manage the flow of traffic in your parking lots and be sure to avoid the fire hydrants and landscaping.
3. Check reviews of the company. It’s important not to go with the lowest price just to save some money because down the road you might end up having more issues. Reviews and references will be very helpful in making the right choice for your business. 
4. Check for certifications and insurance! You will want to make sure that the company you go with is completely insured. You also need to make sure their employees are trained on a variety of deicing materials, how to drive in hazardous road conditions, and so on.
If you have any questions or would like to talk about snow removal services with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We look forward to taking care of you through the upcoming winter and years to come!
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Schedule Your Spring Clean Up

The increasing temperatures, birds chirping and sunny days are here. Spring is here and with that, it’s time for spring cleaning- outside! It is always a good feeling to see the outside of your commercial space cleaned up ushering in the spring and summer. It feels even better when you can count on a professional team with the experience to do the clean-up for you! Read more

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Spring Hardscape Projects

March is a fantastic time to start planning your Spring Hardscape Projects. These types of projects can really amp up your backyard landscape and improve the look and feel of the home. Local New Jersey residents are already scheduling for the 2020 Spring season in hopes of finishing up projects and enjoying their yards all summer long. Whether its a pool hardscape, a new driveway or walkway, or perhaps something more utilitarian like a retaining wall its time to get started.

For our hardscape projects, first, a DeCarlo representative needs to visit your property to provide you with a free estimate and understand your specific design requirements and time frame needs. We will then put together a transparent estimate, which covers exactly what you can expect us to do so that we are all on the same page. Once we all agree upon the terms, we get to work as stated in our agreement.

Installation of pavers and the accurate placement for any hardscape project is a process that requires skill and experience. Correct measurements and planning for proper sloping, drainage and design are required. DeCarlo Landscape Contractors hardscape installers are some of the most experienced in the local New Jersey/New York area. You can be sure that we have the experience and knowhow to get the job done right. Contact DeCarlo this Spring for an in-home consultation for the perfect backyard hardscape project. 

Check out our gallery to see some of the jobs we’ve performed in New Jersey.