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Joey’s Fund Car Show 2016

Joey’s Fund is pleased to announce that last year’s charity collection and car show raised $20,000 in donations for St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. We are extremely thankful to all of those who have participated!

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Our new look!

Have you seen our new look? Customer experience is of utmost importance at DeCarlo Landscapes. That’s why we’ve taken the time to redesign our website in order to provide better satisfaction to you on the web. On our new, reorganized website you will find updated content, features cleaner design and allows for easier navigation.

From our home page, you can easily access our commercial and residential services, visit our blog, or get a quote. Our commercial and residential services are all clearly organized as well giving you the full range of services that we provide our customers all in one spot.

Our newly organized gallery allows you to see the work we’ve done on previous projects and should help you to get an idea of the quality of work that we take pride in. Of particular interest to most of our websites visitors is our before and after photo gallery. Here you can get a better look at the transformations that DeCarlo Landscapes have provided for our customers.

If you are looking for information on commercial or residential services, you shouldn’t have to waste time navigating through an outdated website. Searching for what services are provided or what areas are covered and finding contact information should happen with just one click. We believe we have made this happen.

Overall we feel that our updated website allows our users more flexibility and ease of use. Our navigation bar has been optimized for your search needs and you won’t have to go searching around for any hidden information.

Ready to see our new site? Click here!

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Commercial Concrete Repair

Liability is a major concern for any property owner, business owner or management company. Parking lots and sidewalks must be kept in good condition in order to reduce your risk of liability from a trip and fall. Parking lot repair, sidewalk leveling, cracks and crumbling curbs can all be a hazard to those that traverse your property. Get them fixed now!

Throughout New Jersey and New York walkways, curbs, sidewalks, and other concrete fixtures are constantly being repaired due to the weather changes and natural wear. Summer is one of the best times of year to think about getting concrete repair accomplished for your commercial property.

At Decarlo Landscapes, we specialize in construction of concrete hardscapes, retaining walls, curbs, islands, commercial parking lots, walkways, and other concrete structures. From installation to repair, our team has provided concrete construction services to businesses for over 30 years.

We provide these services for the following:

  • Churches
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Medical buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping & retail centers
  • Gas stations
  • And more!

If you have a concrete structure that needs to be repaired on your property, get ahold of us today for a quote. The quicker you get repairs completed the better you will sleep at night knowing your liability has been reduced.

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Parking Lot Maintenance: What’s included?

Property owners and managers understand that the parking lot requires a lot of maintenance. Everyday dirt, debris, and litter accumulate. Occasionally dealing with problems such as graffiti, illegal dumping, cracks, and damage are required, but in general week by week, the parking lot must be maintained.

Our parking lot maintenance service covers all of the above and more! When we are maintaining a parking lot we don’t just run a sweeper through the parking lot and go on our way. Our porters and laborers physically get out of their truck and use a tool to hand pick debris. Take a look at our parking lot power sleeping process:

  1. Initial Debris Removal – By hand, our laborers physically get out of the vehicle and use a picking tool. They move through the base lighting areas, curbed areas and flower bed areas where debris can be lodged and clear out all unwanted debris.
  2. Power Sweeping – The entire property is then cleaned using a power sweeper. Our laborers drive the sweeping machine through every inch of the parking lot to collect dirt, litter, and debris.
  3. Report – If graffiti, an area that needs repair, an abandoned vehicle or evidence of illegal dumping is noticed, our technicians write up a report to notify the management of issues that require attention.
  4. Final Removal – We leave the area completely cleaned, hand picking anything that was left behind, bagging our debris and deposit it into the dumpster.

There is nothing left behind after DeCarlo Landscaping Design comes to maintain your parking lot. From the hand picking to the sweeper machine our goal is to completely remove any unwanted debris, dirt and litter from the area and to leave commercial property owners or management with a clean and tidy parking lot.

Fill out our quick and easy form to get an estimate on maintenance of your parking lot. You can even upload a picture of the area to give our experts a better look!


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Patio Design & Installation   

Over the past few years, many patterns, colors, and textures of brick pavers have been developed. This has left patio designers and installers many options for making patios, walkways and driveways come alive and the ability to completely transform your patio area.

Patterns – Using specific patterns allow us to define specific areas on your patio for a kitchen area, fire pit or sitting areas. Enhancing a specific area or designing a focal point is possible too, and this can enhance the interest of your guests and visitors.

Colors- The use of different colors can help to visually expand a specific area, give the perception of depth, and provide a general feeling of warmth or coolness. Our designers work with our clients individually to determine the best color scheme for their patio.

Texture – Our experts help to determine what areas would benefit from a smooth texture and which areas on your patio are perfect for a rough-textured paver.

Dimension – When we design patios, we take your whole yard and landscaping into consideration. Sometimes, when we see a particularly flat back yard, we design a raised paver patio which helps to bring a dimension that is missing.

Retaining Walls – Depending on the needs and the layout of your patio area, retaining walls can be useful in creating a bench area or divider on the patio.

Patio Design and Installation are one of our specialties here at DeCarlo Landscaping Design. Visit our page on Hardscapes and Patios to learn more about our design and installation process, as well as to see some of our before and after pictures. With over 30 years of experience in the business, you can bet that we are the company to transform your patio for 2016.


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Commercial Grounds Maintenance

As one of the top commercial grounds maintenance companies in Bergen County, DeCarlo Landscaping design provides commercial landscape design, install and grounds maintenance on some of the most well-known commercial properties in the area. We work with our clients one on one to maintain the safety and value of their property for years to come and to provide a beautiful initial impression on prospective clients, tenants, and employees.

Maintaining your commercial property is not a once a year job. With that knowledge in mind, DeCarlo Landscaping Design provides grounds maintenance services throughout the season. From spring clean up to winterization in preparation for the winter to come we are there checking in with our clients and evaluating the trees, flower beds, lawn, sidewalks and more. If a problem is found or we think there could be some improvement, we work with property owners and managers to figure out the best and the quickest way to fix the problem.

Grounds Maintenance can include the following:

  • Spring & Fall Cleanups
  • Mulching & edging
  • Mowing & weeding
  • Cultivating
  • Irrigation
  • Shrub & Tree pruning
  • Winterization
  • Design maintenance
  • Sodding & Seeding

It is important to us that our clients get everything they need for their commercial property and are satisfied with the work that we provide. For that reason, we go above and beyond working with each commercial client to determine what services are needed. We then tailor the services that we provide to match.

Please visit our commercial services page for more information on how DeCarlo Landscaping Design can help your commercial property be the most professional well-kept property on the block. Spring is a great time of year to get started with a new company who can give your property a facelift, call us today!


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Retaining Walls: Top Ten Things to Know!

Retaining walls can become a big investment of time, money and labor. However, they could be just the thing that your property needs to function better, look better aesthetically and to be safer for your family. Here are the top ten things you should know when planning to install a retaining wall.

  1. Don’t just look at function. If your property NEEDS a retaining wall due to a slope or grade, don’t think of a retaining wall as only what it is. Retaining walls can be incorporated into your lifestyle by designing your outdoor living space around the area.
  2. Be Creative! There are so many options for design when it comes to retaining walls, think about designing something with a curve instead of a straight line to add more character to your landscaping design.
  3. Size Matters. If you are working on a particularly large retaining wall, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A professional company with experience in retaining walls can help with their knowledge of structure and experience in design when you get into a larger job.
  4. Terrace for sloping. Sloping properties can benefit from terracing, or gradual stepping up of the retaining wall.
  5. Materials are important. There are many different natural stones, manufactured stones, blocks and other materials that you can use for retaining walls. Do some research in the material you will choose, each material may change your budget, timeframe, labor cost etc.
  6. Retaining walls need a solid base, it is important to start a few inches below your current level in order to prepare a good base of the wall.
  7. Drainage is important. You may need to add additional drainage depending on the wall you choose to add. Using gravel or fabric covered drainage pipes can help prevent clogging.
  8. Use a Level. Don’t eye it! Using a level will keep the structure steady and balanced as well as provide a pleasing look to the eye.
  9. Backfill for support. Backfilling will add support which is important when you are putting in a new structure.
  10. Keep the design clean. Use cap blocks to top off the retaining wall to provide a nice, clean, finished look on the top.

Some projects are just too much for the average Joe, and that’s ok! Retaining walls can be better left to professionals with knowledge and experience in installation. Due to the cost and labor, intensive work that installing a retaining wall can be, we recommend that homeowners and commercial property owners alike leave it to the experts. Visit our wall construction & step gallery to view some of our work!

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The green space on your commercial property used to look beautiful and lush, but now it’s looking bare or full of weeds! Consider doing some ground work this year and installing some new turf to brighten up your property. The question is do you use seed or sod? In this blog, we will go over the pros and cons of both and let you make the decision!

Seed Pros:

  • Undoubtedly the cheaper option
  • Able to develop a deep root system which may help it to last longer
  • Good for large areas

Seed Con’s

  • Timing is important when planting new seed, this option leaves you with two windows for planting which are late summer and early fall
  • Cultivation, aeration, dethatching and adding topsoil are needed to help the seed take root
  • Susceptibility to weeds
  • A seed needs time to germinate and grow, allow for about 6-8 weeks for a lush lawn

Sod Pro’s

  • Quick Results
  • Can be used for larger areas or for patch jobs
  • Timing is not an issue, sod can be put down any time of year

Sod Con’s

  • Sod Costs more than seed
  • More labor intensive than seed

The landscaping experts at DeCarlo Landscaping Design have been helping commercial property owners keep their properties full of lush lawn for over 30 years. We have the experience needed to determine whether your property would benefit from seed or sod and to help guide you through the process of choosing what is right for your property.

Let us help you to create the healthiest, vibrant property on the block. Although seeding and sodding achieve the same goal, the timing, budget and labor requirements make these methods very different. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into with each process and as always, if you are unsure, ask for help from a commercial landscape expert.


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Mulch, Stone, and Flowers

Commercial landscaping design is important for that first impression on your clients, customers, and tenants. Arriving at your property and perceiving a welcoming perception can go a long way. There are many ways that we at DeCarlo Landscaping Design work with our clients to maximize the potential of a positive first impression and believe it or not one of these ways goes right down to the products that we use such as mulch, stone, and flowers.

Mulch is a useful material that is used for a variety of reasons:

  • Retain the moisture in the soil
  • Prevent/Suppress weed growth
  • Control temperature of soil
  • Provide aesthetic appeal

We use different types or colors of mulch depending on what our clients want for their properties. Some of the most popular types of mulch are red, black and natural cedar. Each different type can give a completely different aesthetic appeal.

Stone is used for a variety of reasons as well:

  • Around pavers
  • Walkways/driveways
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Stone is a great way to give your landscaping design a unique look. Due to the different colors and textures, stone helps to be a statement as well as a useful product. The typical stones that we use are crushed landscaping stone, Maryland shore small and mountain red.

Flowers are the cherry on the cake in landscaping design. Flowers help to provide a beautiful colored landscape which is immediately visibly pleasing to a visitor. Begonias, flowering vincas, inpatients, marigolds, and petunia flowers are just some of the flowers that we like to work with due to their beautiful color.

DeCarlo Landscaping Design provides expert and experienced advice for each client depending on their needs and budget to determine which products we use. Contact us today to discuss your options for your commercial landscaping needs.