by mike mike

DeCarlo Landscaping Snow Removal Contractors can plow on all surfaces. As snow removal experts we have the experience and equipment to take care of commercial and residential properties. 

Since we are installing brick paver driveways in the Summer months, DeCarlo landscaping is very familiar with these beautiful home features and how to take care of them. Brick pavers are susceptible to abrasions, chips, and other defects caused by plows. They are usually constructed of either a mixture of clays or concrete. Depending on their composition, some bricks can be more or less resistant to damage.

To combat this, plow cutting edges can be constructed of less abrasive materials like rubber or polyurethane. Flagging and marking areas where brick curbs exist are also easy ways to ensure no raised bricks get damaged.

DeCarlo Landscape Snow Removal Contractors takes care not to damage any surface during snow removal. For commercial properties, DeCarlo landscaping can provide snow removal services for parking lots and mixed surface materials, like paver walkways through asphalt parking lots, accurately and reliably.