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Whats your snow removal plan for a blizzard?

If there’s one thing every business owner strives for, its to be prepared: always and for everything. So, is your business prepared for snow removal during a blizzard? Nursing homes, hospitals, medical facilities and other specialty offices don’t close during a blizzard. Their doctors must get to the patients, and a blizzard makes for emergency situations. Gas stations must get be available to get people the gas they need for their snow blowers and trucks. There is no choice to have a blizzard plan in place for your parking lot no matter what type of business or property owner you are. Are you ready? Read more

by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Reliable Commercial Snow Removal Services

Who’s in charge of snow removal on your property? Haven’t thought about it yet? Well, we might be having an anticlimactic October so far, but don’t be fooled, winter is just around the corner. Make sure you are covered the first day the snow falls by securing your commercial snow removal company now. Before you sign a contract, think again about the company you’ve used in the past and make a decision for the future. Timing, liability, experience, and insurance are the top 4 things you should be looking for in a company, and at DeCarlo Landscaping, that’s what you get.  Read more

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Commercial Snow Removal Northern New Jersey

Don’t be the only business owner in Northern New Jersey plowing your own parking lot this year. In fact, we’re reminding you now that August is the time to get your snow plowing company secured and ready for first snow. As most commercial property owners know by now, sooner than later the snow will be here causing delays, parking lot disasters, icy sidewalks, and all that winter brings with it to the Garden State.  Read more

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Evaluate Your Parking Lot

Is it time for you to invest in parking lot maintenance? With our easy to use checklist, you will find out quickly if your parking lot needs repair and updating! The winter months with their cold temperatures and freeze thaw cycles wreak havoc on parking lots and sidewalks. You may already see some cracks, potholes, or crumbling in the pavement. The paint on the curb, or parking lot striping may be faded or hard to see. Performing a yearly assessment using our checklist will help you to protect your investment by keeping up with maintenance. 

Don’t assume you know exactly what the parking lot looks like, walk outside and evaluate thoroughly. Work through these ten areas to check and see where you end up!

Parking Lot Evaluation Checklist

  • Check the parking lot surface for potholes, crumbling or damaged areas
  • Walk around the perimeter of any curbs on the property and check for any deteriorated or damaged areas
  • Check all drains on the surface or along curbing for damage or deterioration
  • Check the parking lot for particularly large cracks or areas where vegetation is peaking out
  • Take note of the color of the surface, is it faded?
  • Look for faded or missing striping on the surface and on any curbs 
  • Assess light post bases, parking bumpers or curbs for faded painting or crumbling areas
  • Check all signage for damage, fading or improper placement

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to schedule preventative or cosmetic maintenance and repairs for your parking lot. 

As a full service Commercial Landscaping Contractor, one of our services is parking lot maintenance. We have been serving businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, industrial complexes, restaurants, etc. in Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our reputation for our fair and customized pricing, excellent customer service and reliability stands out. Whether you’ve noticed minor or major issues after completing the checklist, give us a call to see what we can do for you! 

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Commercial Landscaping is Important

When you pull into your office, do you ever notice your company’s commercial landscaping? Chances are, you notice something that looks ugly, make a mental note to have that fixed, and forget it! If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, first impressions matter! There is no exception to that rule even when it comes to your commercial property.  Read more

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Our Snowplowing Services

DeCarlo Landscaping owns and operates some of the most state of the art snowplowing equipment in the industry.  In order to handle any size snow that Northern New Jersey gets hit with, we need to have a diverse range of equipment and staff. The size of the property also brings with it requirements and size restrictions and with our choice of equipment, you can be sure that your property will be handled. Read more