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Autumn Sidewalk Repair

With the winter just around the corner, it’s time for all commercial property owners to prepare their properties for winter. An important area of concern should be assessing the parking lot, sidewalks, and walkways for disrepair and lack of integrity. If any damage is found, fixing these problems before winter is key to preventing any further damage, reducing your risk of trip and fall on your property and allowing for a smoother snow and ice removal process. Autumn sidewalk repair is underway here at DeCarlo Landscaping Design and we want you to be next on our list! Read more

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Why use Travertine Pavers around your Pool?

When you’re investing money in your backyard, landscaping or home in New Jersey, your money needs to be spent wisely. Although New Jersians are used to driving down the shore to the beach with plenty of access to the water, many also opt to have a pool installed in their yard as well. Those who are investing in a purchase such as a pool, are interested in using the best quality materials for their install, and Travertine Pavers are a top choice. Read more

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Revamp your Driveway with Pavers

If you are looking to revamp your New Jersey driveway, brick pavers and concrete pavers can enhance the appeal of any mundane driveway. Transforming your asphalt driveway into an eye catching paver driveway starts with choosing the right hardscape contractor to design and install it. DeCarlo Landscaping can help you choose just the right type of pavers, design a unique paver layout and can even remove old asphalt, grade your driveway if needed and expertly install your new paver driveway.

Understanding that proper removal of asphalt and preparation of a paver driveway is important for long lasting durability is the first step. This sets the groundwork for an even driveway surface. If asphalt isn’t completely removed, or your surface is not properly graded, overtime sinking, spreading, and cracking can ensue turning your investment into an unsightly mess. Companies with little to no experience in the business may not pay attention to the small details which can lead to big problems if not done correctly. Using a company with experience is key to making your investment last. 

Don’t install a paver driveway yourself or hire an inexperienced contractor, save your investment by calling us. Based in Tenafly and Brick, New Jersey, DeCarlo Landscaping provides experienced installation services of paver driveways, paver walkways, and paver patios. 

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Taking your Kitchen Outdoors

Its been a few years now since the trend of taking your kitchen outdoors became a top trend in the hardscape industry. Unlike most trends that fade after a few years, this one keeps evolving and changing with the trend getting bigger each year. In fact, we’re seeing backyard kitchen design taking off more than ever this year. If you’ve been thinking of taking your kitchen outdoors, its time to do it!  Read more

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Winter 2017 Tips

Winter 2017 hasn’t brought much snow our way in Central New Jersey, you can probably still see much of your grass, your trees and your shrubs unless you have a light coat of snow. Many of our clients are calling us asking if its too early to plan for spring. The short answer is NO, its never to early! Read on for things that you can be working on now to prepare for Spring! Read more

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DIY Installation of Concrete Pavers

As fall rolls in, homeowners throughout Bergen county are rushing to complete their fall projects in and around their home. When rushed to complete a project such as installing pavers, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made, corners will be cut and what you’re left with will be is a poorly-installed project. This year we’re seeing a lot of people installing pavers the DIY way, whether for a walkway, fire pit or patio and this can spell disaster.

With many years in paver installation for walkways, driveways, patios etc., we know that experience really makes a difference. Doing a DIY project in and around the home is absolutely respected and actually can help homeowners build skills and knowledge themselves. However, when there are a lot of variables with a project, it can make sense to bring in a professional to do the job the right way the first time.

Here are the top three issues that we see when we take on a client who attempted to install pavers themselves:

  1. Not accounting for water drainage. It is important for you to ensure that there is proper drainage for the pavers, otherwise, pooling or puddling on the surface can occur.
  2. Using inadequate materials. The proper sand or filler is necessary for and around the pavers. Using just any old fill will not do the job and leaves an unfinished look.
  3. Improper Placement. Placing pavers on a slope can be done, but when not taking the time to level your soil or plan out the slope design, you may be left with a less than attractive paver walkway.

Using a contractor for paver installation is the best choice. From installation of patios, driveways, fire pits, and walkways, using a company with experience will ensure that the job is done the right way the first time. Don’t waste your time and money installing a paver patio without experience, chances are, you’ll end up paying to do it all over again or fix a mistake in the long run.

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Adding a water feature to your property

Water features are a great way to add some interest and create a focal point in any property. Commercial and residential properties alike can benefit from the tranquility and beauty that a water feature can provide.

Maintenance free water features such as pondless waterfalls are taking the landscaping design world by storm, and we at DeCarlo Landscaping are right on point with the trend. We have been suggesting water features in our landscaping design process for years. Whether in a commercial courtyard for employees to decompress and visitors to enjoy while waiting. Or, in a residential backyard to create a place for a family to unwind at the end of the day, water is a great feature to add.

Some of our favorite water features are:

  • Waterfalls
  • Koi Ponds
  • Reflecting Ponds
  • Fountains

If you’ve been looking for just the right eye-catching focal point for your property, you must try a water feature. With its natural component, it fits seamlessly with your landscaping design no matter what it is. Unsure as to which water feature works right with your landscaping? Ask the experts at DeCarlo Landscaping, we can help you to determine which feature will fit perfectly on your property.

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Summer in New Jersey

New Jersey knows summer; pools, patios and back yard bbq’s are everyday parts of our lives. While many make the drive down the shore to bask in the sun and take a dip in the water, others use their own back yards to enjoy summer. The beautiful properties in Toms River, Belmar, Brick, and Manasquan have backyard areas that are perfect for this time of year and sometimes even rival the shore!

We specialize in making these backyards the best place for homeowners to spend their summer days. One of our favorite products to use in the design of these backyards and pool areas are Travertine pavers. The porous surface of this type of paver is perfect for pool areas, as it tends to see less water pooling than other materials.

The many colors and grades that this attractive stone is available in, helps us to design something that goes with your style no matter what it is. With all of the choices available, we can create a fun or eye-catching design in the patio area.

Travertine is one of our favorite pavers to use because it’s affordable for almost any budget and it is inexpensive to fix. We install Travertine Paver patios, pool decks, and walkways throughout New Jersey. Whether you’re down the shore or want your backyard to feel like the shore, we can make it happen with beautiful, affordable and durable Travertine Pavers.

Check out our gallery to see some of the work we’ve done in the past. We bet you’ll be inspired to call us and design your own backyard oasis!