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Cold Weather Landscaping

It feels like we’ve seen the last of our extended summer here in Northern New Jersey. This week the weather is colder, damper, and you can just smell fall in the air. Garden lovers have been hurrying to get all of their pruning, raking, bulb planting and yard work in before the first frost. We all know that winter is on the horizon as we look forward to November, and then garden lovers will be trying to figure out how to make their garden pop against all of that white snow that. Here are some tips for cold weather landscaping: Read more

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Pruning in the Fall

Autumn is the ideal time of year to prune your plants and trees. With proper technique, and perfect timing you can prune and enhance the look and feel of your garden this fall. Of course, if you are not sure of yourself when pruning, call in a landscaping company to do the work for you. Experience and know-how are key to preserving the plants and shrubs and helping them to grow better next year. 

Pruning in the Fall:

  1. Tackle large bushes and trees first. Trim away what looks dead or diseased. Damaged limbs, twigs with no growth need to be cut back to the next closest junction of live wood. If trimming a topiary or something with groomed shape be careful and prune a small amount at a time to preserve shape.
  2. Cut back summer flowers that are finished blooming, just their flowers. Cutting back the new growth will stunt the number of blooms you have next year, so simply cut back dead stems and leaves. Late summer bloomers should be dead-headed as well.
  3. Autumn plants should not be cut back or pruned just yet! They turn beautiful colors in the autumn and may have not changed just yet. Leave things like ornamental grasses alone for now.
  4. Clean Up your trimmings. Some think that leaving the trimmings on the ground help for mulching, this isn’t always true. Pick up your trimmings and get rid of them. 

Would you prefer to have someone complete this task for you? That’s OK too! Call DeCarlo Landscaping Contractors and ask about our home maintenance services. We service year-round and pruning is naturally in our fall clean up!


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Fall Garden Inspiration

One of the best parts of installing and maintaining commercial and residential landscaping for so many years is seeing our work flourish season to season. We love to see how our installed gardens move from season to season easily with our expert year-round maintenance. With respect to those with a green thumb who do it all on their own, we offer up some tips for maintaining your fall garden that only 30+ years of experience can offer. Read more

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Caring for your plants during a heat wave

This weekend New Jersey is experiencing a heatwave! It will have most of New Jersians staying inside soaking up the air conditioning and staying cool. What about your plants outside? Many aren’t sure how to care for them so that they survive the extreme heat. Here are our tips below! Read more

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Attractive Residential Landscape Design

It was a beautiful weekend to take a drive around Northern New Jersey. With all of the spring flowers and shrubs in bloom, you can’t help but notice homes you’ve never taken note of. It seems as though this time of year, the bright colors and vibrancy of spring can make us realize our yard is a little bland. That’s why DeCarlo Landscaping Design is here to help create an attractive residential landscape design. Read more

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Winter Landscaping Tips

We’ve seen the last of our extended summer here in Northern New Jersey. Today the weather is colder, damper, and you can almost smell fall. Garden lovers have been outside getting all of their pruning, raking, bulb planting and yard work in and taking advantage of the extra nice day’s mother nature provided this year. We all know that winter is on the horizon as we move into November, so this means gardeners need to get creative when trying to spruce up their winter landscapingRead more

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Tips for your Fall Garden

When you’ve got over 30 years of experience in the commercial and residential landscaping industry, you better believe we think we’re the best at what we do. We love to monitor and care for our installed gardens, and it makes us happy to see our installed gardens thriving year after year with the year-round maintenance we provide. We do understand, however, that some of our customers just need help installing, but are avid gardeners and love to maintain their own beds. We respect that here at DeCarlo Landscaping and with that in mind here are a few tips for maintaining your fall garden on your own.  Read more

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4 Step Guide to Fall Pruning

For those who are comfortable in the garden and working on their landscaping themselves, fall pruning is on the mind. The autumn season is when trees and plants alike should be pruned to make room for new growth the following year and to clean up the look of your landscaping. The importance lies in timing and proper techniques used for pruning in order to get the best look out of your pruned garden. Maybe you used to have a landscaping company that did it for you, or perhaps you didn’t realize all of the work a garden can be. No worries, we’re here to help! Follow our easy 4 step guide and relish in your pruned garden! Read more