by mike mike

It feels like we’ve seen the last of our extended summer here in Northern New Jersey. This week the weather is colder, damper, and you can just smell fall in the air. Garden lovers have been hurrying to get all of their pruning, raking, bulb planting and yard work in before the first frost. We all know that winter is on the horizon as we look forward to November, and then garden lovers will be trying to figure out how to make their garden pop against all of that white snow that. Here are some tips for cold weather landscaping:

Try updating your cold-weather landscaping with these ideas!

  • Berries – Shrubs, trees, or bushes that produce berries during the autumn and winter months can give your yard the perfect pop of color. The red berries of a holly bush makes for a beautiful contrast with the white snow backdrop with its green or red leaves! If you’re a bird lover, using a bush that produces berries can bring some wildlife to your yard for your viewing pleasure as well!
  • Bark Textures – Chose trees or shrubs with different bark textures on your property to give the eye different focal points when scanning the yard. Check out the eye-catching bark varieties are birch, dogwood and other ornamental trees. 
  • Evergreens – With timeless elegance, evergreens hold true to their beautiful green or blue-green colors and help to draw the eye to different places in your landscape creating a focal point or just providing color. Planting evergreens along a driveway or bordering an entrance gives a grand look to your home and looks quite regal popping up from a fresh coat of snow.
  • Existing Pieces –  Don’t put everything away just yet! You still can’t use your arbor, window boxes or hanging baskets. Just give them a quick revamp with something that will last through the winter. Consider twigs and sprigs of evergreen. Use some more holly on your window boxes and you may catch some winter birds enjoying the berries outside your window.

Go ahead, get to work! With these quick and easy tips, you can get your yard ready for the cold weather that is ahead and looking its best. Utilizing what you already have will give you a jump on making your winter landscaping exactly what you want it to be at a low cost!