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commercial landscape design

Commercial property lawns are designed differently. While some have ample space for landscaping, others have minimal spaces. Fortunately, space limitation doesn’t have to restrict you from implementing different commercial landscape designs.

Below are six creative ideas for boosting the curb appeal of your commercial landscape design.

1. Use Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass is an ideal choice for improving your commercial landscape design’s curb appeal, especially if you have limited lawn space. Ornamental grass needs minimal maintenance, and it’s quite attractive. Additionally, it’s quite easy to install, and you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money taking care of the grass.

2. Use Potted Plants

Does your office have a small front lawn? Using potted plants could be perfect for the lawn as it will improve its appearance. Potted plants also allow you to choose your preferred color for aesthetics purposes.

You can place them around a pool, signage, or a water fountain to add curb appeal to your commercial landscaping design.

3. Take Care of the Weeds

Managing weed is essential if you are trying to keep your commercial landscape healthy. Weeds often grow around sidewalks, entrances, and parking lots, affecting the beauty of the area.

If you notice overgrown weed around the property, schedule a professional landscaping company to get rid of it. This will ensure your office exterior looks well-maintained and neat.

4. Use Vibrant Design Themes

There are many current commercial landscape design trends you can take advantage of. Your landscape design should incorporate different color themes that properly blend with the environment and the surrounding area.

Ensure you settle for colors and vibrant themes to make the space look appealing and functional at the same time. It’s advisable to mix vibrant and natural colors to complement other elements of the landscape.

Most people think that commercial landscaping is quite difficult. However, you can hire a commercial landscaping company to assist with the process. This will make your office location more appealing to clients and employees.

5. Take Advantage of Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees come in different shades of green. They are vibrant and could be a perfect addition to your commercial landscape design. They are also ideal for smaller spaces.

Ornamental trees, just like ornamental grass, require little maintenance. Consider hiring a professional landscaping company to select the best ornamental trees to complement your commercial landscape design.

6. Create an Attractive Signage

Your business signage is essential for attracting customers. Thus, it shouldn’t look old and moldy like everyone else’s signage. Create a unique design for the entrance sign to set the entire lawn’s tone around your commercial property.

Creating a beautiful and unique landscaping design around the sign will give your clients and business visitors the “Wow” factor. It will also help your business stand out from the rest.

Contact a Landscaping Company for the Best Commercial Landscape Design

Boosting the curb appeal of your commercial landscape design requires a professional touch. Contact us today, and our team will help you with all your commercial landscaping needs. At De Carla Landscapes, we are committed to helping you design and maintain your commercial landscape.