by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

With the increased rain Northern New Jersey has been experiencing the past week, and now, this week, it feels like Spring! However, we’re in that part of summer where a week of hot dry days is followed by heavy rain and back and forth. We handle it by enjoying the nice days and staying inside on the wet ones, but for plants and landscaping that can’t get out of the rain, proper drainage on your commercial property is key to keeping them safe.

Drainage is key! If you’ve got a commercial property, you’ll want to have a commercial landscaping company help you figure out your drainage issue. Perhaps you already see a major issue, water flowing across your property after a hard rain, washed out garden beds, or even plants dying. Proper drainage is very important to keep these issues in check.

With a commercial landscape company, you’ll be able to put your trust in the knowledge and experience that comes with it. Knowing if you need a full drainage system installed, what type of soil you have an how it responds to increased water, and plants that work for your area and weather conditions will help to keep your landscaping thriving no matter what the weather. There are other options as well such as rain catches and using different materials in the garden beds that can help as well.

If you’ve spotted a problem on your commercial property, whether its a river running down the sloped lawn, washed out garden beds or dying plants, its time to call in a professional to tackle the issue. The experts at DeCarlo Landscaping are waiting for your call! Trust us, the rain will keep coming and if you’re already experiencing issues, they won’t go away on their own. Get the drainage on your commercial property handled before its a major issue.