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The landscaping is the veneer of your home. It’s the first thing people will see when coming on to your property. Curb appeal landscaping ultimately gives visitors a great first impression — or a not so great first impression.

Furthermore, homes with high curb appeal command much higher prices. They also take less time to sell. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal can add thousands to the value of your home while giving you an oasis of serenity to drive into every day after work.

The way your house looks from the street can also draw in potential buyers and offers. Adding color through shurbs, flowers, and planters can add vibrancy to an otherwise drab front of house appearance.

With the help of professional landscapers, you can find a curb appeal solution that fits your budget and increases your home’s beauty.

Here’s how:

1. Outdoor Lighting

Lights that lead to your entryway as the sunsets will not only crease the safety of your family and guests, it’ll make your home appear inviting and friendly. Use outdoor lighting to emphasize landscaping and shrubs.

When it comes to curb appeal landscaping, lighting is essential. Have a favorite blue spruce or pine tree in your yard? Put a spotlight on it and feature the beautiful tree. Place solar lights along your stone or brick walkways.

The soft hue on the pathways will create a magical entrance for all of your party hostings. What’s great about solar lights is they won’t require any electrical cables or the use of extension cords.

Up the ante of your ambiance with outdoor lighting that isn’t too bright and you’ll be on the literal path to an inviting home.

2. Edge It

If you have a long, lovely driveway that appears a little unruly, it’s time to edge it. Installing a border along your drive will give it a clean, organized look. Use bricks, stones, pavers, or a combination of the three to make a boring driveway come to life.

With color, decorative designs and texture your driveway will be an enticing entrance for you and your guests. Curb appeal landscaping is at it’s best when it’s done with actual curbs.

With stone or brick curbs as edging for your driveway, you’ll increase the attractiveness of what might be an otherwise boring slab of concrete. Some masonry edging might require sand to be swept over the joints for maximum smoothness.

Leave it to the pros to help you come up with a unique and original design for your driveway edging.

3. Replace Your Mailbox

There is nothing worse than a beautiful home, with a beautiful yard, and a small tin black mailbox on a wooden stick. It’s time to stop getting your mail from a tin box protruding from the ground.

Choose a new mailbox with some personality. There are brick and stone column options that make for beautiful mailboxes. Nice looking mailboxes on the exterior of your property will make an immediate good first impression.

Consider having a new mailbox constructed that matches your home’s aesthetic and color palette for optimal curb appeal landscaping. Use landscaping around the mailbox by creating a small garden around it with beautiful flowers.

4. Trim Your Trees and Bushes

You may have the most beautiful home on the block, but if no one can see it then who cares? Trees and branches are not only dangerous to your home during adverse weather conditions, they can also damage your roof with constant falling elements from the trees.

Don’t let tress rub against your house and damage your siding or brick. Trees and oversized bushes will also limit the amount of sunlight your home gets. Eliminate the bridge that squirrels use to get onto your roof and dig holes by keeping your trees trimmed away from your home.

Hire the pros to come by with a chainsaw and trim back all of your trees and shrubs. If you have hedges in the front of your home or lining walkways, then use a hedge trimmer to cut your bushes in an organized way.

Cut away things that touch windows or your home. Beautifully trimmed trees and plants will offer you the best of curb appeal landscaping for your home.

5. Berm It for Optimal Curb Appeal Landscaping

Berms will let you bring color into your yard with flowers, plants, stone, and trees. It will also give your yard and home an attractive edging design with pavers or stones.

Berms have soft, curving edges which will allow you to create interesting shapes that will be a nice contrast to any sharp or angular lines of your home. Use a berm to put large boulders, a flagpole, or even a wooden fence in your yard.

You simply have your local landscapers clear away the grass, enrich the soil, and start planting your favorite foliage!

6. Color Splash

Color goes a long way when it comes to curb appeal landscaping. Plant a tulip border that will bloom in the spring for a beautiful yellow, pink or red lining along your walkways.

Consider placing pansies around your mailbox or driveway. Have patio furniture? Make sure it is shined, polished and painted in a vibrant color that compliments your house.

While colorful touches won’t necessarily add value to your home, it will definitely enhance the attractiveness of your home and yard which in turn will help your home sell faster.

7. Cover the Dead

Sometimes big trees create constant shade on parts of your lawn. As their roots hungrily grab all the water and nutrients from your grass, you might find yourself with some dead spots.

Instead of continually throwing money at these dead spots through fertilizer and topsoil nutrients, consider making them in flower beds around your trees.

Flower beds are a great option because they thrive in the shade and will look fantastic at the base of your elms and willows.

Spruce It Up

Whether you need to actually plant a few new spruces or you just need to trim things down, adding curb appeal landscaping to your home can be a simple venture.

By hiring the right people, you can come up with a plan for your yard that is efficient and budget-friendly.

Remember, whatever you do spend on your landscaping you can expect to see back in your pocket when you sell your home. Home’s with curb appeal sell faster and garner higher offers.

When you are ready for help with your landscaping, contact us today!