by mike mike

One of the best parts of installing and maintaining commercial and residential landscaping for so many years is seeing our work flourish season to season. We love to see how our installed gardens move from season to season easily with our expert year-round maintenance. With respect to those with a green thumb who do it all on their own, we offer up some tips for maintaining your fall garden that only 30+ years of experience can offer.

  1. Timing is crucial.  If you’re not sure when you should begin your transition from summer to fall, you really need to understand that it may not be an actual date such as Labor Day, but rather the change in the weather. This seems to change every year so it’s important to know what to look for. 
  2. Perennials are a must for fall, so using mums, kale and cabbage are top choices. Ornamental gourds and cornstalks can help to fancy up your walkway or even your mailbox area. 
  3. Healthy and insulated soil are important for your plants to survive the winter. Use the fall to add an extra layer of mulch or compost for added protection and nutrition.
  4. Think spring! Yes, you read that right. Fall is the time to plant bulbs for spring. Do your research about where you live and the zone you are in when it comes to freezing. you’ll want to get bulbs in before the first freeze. 

Our creative landscaping design team has installed customized landscapes throughout northern New Jersey for years. With our year-round maintenance services, we can keep tabs on our work and continually maintain its lush beauty year-round. We hope these tips will help all of you who are doing it yourself! It’s not an easy job and we know it! Happy Fall!