by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

Spring is slowly fading away, which means its time to get your commercial landscaping spring ready. If you’re looking to impress your customers and clean up your image here are 5 tips you get you started.

  1. Walkthrough: Take a thorough walkthrough of your commercial property. Take note of any areas of damage, or disrepair. Be sure to note how the striping looks, areas of landscaping that may be worn out or lawn that looks damaged and anything else of concern.
  2. Spring Cleaning: Book your spring cleaning service with your commercial landscaping professional. Once the broken limbs, leaves, debris, and snow are cleared away, you will have a better time assessing your property.
  3. Determine Budget: Now that you have a clean slate, its easy to see what your commercial property needs: maintenance, new landscaping installed, pruning, new plantings, sidewalk repair, parking lot striping etc. Then, determine a budget, and discuss things that are important now vs down the line.
  4. Invest: With your budget and list of to-do’s, you can now contact a commercial landscaping professional such as DeCarlo Landscaping Design. Discuss with us your vision and budget and we will come up with a plan that works.
  5. TAKE ACTION: With your budget, idea and your professional landscaping team hired, its time to take action! Your commercial landscaping design will now implement and will be eye-catching and impressive. 

From putting together a yearly maintenance schedule to new plantings and landscaping design, DeCarlo Landscaping Design has you covered. With our wide variety of services such as landscaping, asphalt repair, snow removal, concrete repair and hardscape installation and more you’ll be completely covered. If you’re interested in getting an estimate or more information, visit us online or ring us at  (201) 585-7137.