by Ashley Arroyo Ashley Arroyo

This time of the year, town work crews are out and about trimming tree limbs that are hanging into the street, hindering sightlines and weighing on telephone lines. You’ve probably seen them working their way around your neighboorhood, and when they leave it looks, well bare. If you have a large commercial property it may look quite bland with no trees around. Here are some reasons you may want to install trees on your commercial property.

Benefits of Installing Trees:

  1. Depending on location, trees or large shrubs can help to create shade from the hot sun beating on certain areas of your property. Consider an outdoor space with seating, a tree or shrubs may help to provide shade to a visiting customer, client or resting employee.
  2. Adding trees can help to brighten up the landscaping with color, blocking unsightly items or neighbors as well as providing a new focal point for your commercial landscaping.
  3. Trees are known to improve air quality, enrich biodiversity as well as enhance wellbeing. This means not only will visitors to your property be reaping benefits from your new plantings, but it will be helping the environment as well. 

If your commercial property is bare, could use some shade, or just needs a new feature, consider adding a tree or variety of shrubs. Of course, our team of experts is ready and waiting with knowledge of your area as well as a design eye to make sure it fits and functions well on your property. Give us a call today to discuss options for your commercial property.