by mike mike

If you have young children, you might tend to think landscaping can wait until they’re older. However, you can still get the landscape design you need AND be kid-friendly with some easy additions. The first step in creating a kid-friendly backyard is figuring out what your family’s needs are. Are your children interested in tire swings, trampolines? Maybe basketball or soccer is more of their style. How about gardening, or tree houses? Including the things that will be utilized the most and for the longest time by your children is important when planning a design. Once you have these things figured you, you can really get started. Below are some kid-friendly backyard ideas.

It IS possible to get aesthetically pleasing landscape design while incorporating kid-friendly things along the way. The focus and area for a play give kids their own space, leaving your landscaping stones, rocks and other tempting ornamentals alone. 

  1. Plant a Herb or Vegetable Garden: The backyard is the first chance to introduce kids to nature and biology from a young age. Whether planting vegetables, fruits or herbs, teaching kids how plants grow, and the process of care needed is a means to integrate learning into fun. Kids enjoy watching plants grow, helping water, and watching their hard work pay off when they can finally harvest something. It might make them more apt to eat veggies as well!
  2. Install a Sand Box: A sand play area can be a low-cost addition to your back yard. Whether you go for a store-bought sandbox or an actual built-in area, kids really feel like this is their own space.
  3. Plenty of room: Children need room to move and run freely. If there is not much space, consider small pieces in the back yard that will still give them enough room to play a game of kickball, soccer or whatever their favorite sport is.
  4. Safe Plants: Keep in mind that some plants can be poisonous to children and pets. Kids will put anything they touch into their mouths, so be careful with anything that produces a berry, is poisonous or with prickly parts.
  5. Install a Fire Pit: Fire Pits can be fun for kids and parents alike. Obviously, caution needs to be used when deciding on this aspect for your backyard. Consider the age of your children, the size of the fire pit and the safety of access to it. Once installed its a great place for bonfires at night complete with singing and smores.

All of these little incorporations into your backyard can make it pretty as well as a functional place to be. Don’t wait for your kids to be of a certain age to landscape your backyard. Start now with DeCarlo Landscape Contractors!